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“Jihad is becoming as American as apple pie and as British as afternoon tea”

-Anwar al-Awlaki 


Ahmad is 30-year-old American , dressed  in fashionable ripped jeans,  casual Military t-shirt, combined with baseball cap and remarkable Converse sneakers.  He looks good while he is checking mails on his new iPhone X, being lost in his own universe of digital nomads. Ahmad is a photo journalist, blogger and dreamer. He lives in Dearborn, in the lovely state of wolverine, Michigan. His Middle-eastern face has merged itself in the collage of American multiculturalism but Ahmad is still the child of Islam, in spite of fact that he has grown up on the ideology of Founding Fathers.  His wife Zahra is a proof that the DNA of Prophet Muhammad(saw) lives forever in blood of those who believe. She was born as American but the colors of the American flag has never really touched her soul. Zahra thinks that Islam must be on rise all over the world because that is the only chance for a global peace. Nobody has ever seen how Zahra looks like,  except Ahmad. The Akhtar family is so typical for America, but again so special. It seems that Dearborn and  Michigan have  its own rules that will cost Americans a lot, at the end of the day.


The burning issue in America  is political islam, that is on rise for last 10  years. What does it mean? As I have written earlier, there is a need of all Muslims to complete their religious ideology with political and social implementations.  Islam is not just a religion, it is a whole system with strict rules that seek to reply on all questions in all fields of life.  Those political parties  and politicians who  think about giving a right to Muslims to build their mosques in Judeo-Christian lands have shown us that they have failed to understand the meaning of Islam. They do not need to read Holy Qur’an to catch up the genesis of Islam, they only need to compare the freedom of Muslims in our societies with the freedom of Jews and Christians in Muslim societies. The most plastic and visible example is dress code. Muslims have all rights to follow their religious rules of dressing in our lands while we have to follow their rules when we are in their lands. Why? I see that as a double standard or sign of Judeo-Christian weakness.  I have no problem respecting Islam in Muslim countries and societies but I do have problem seeing Muslims have zero respect for our religions, in our lands. This is a simple symptom of  growing Islamic domination, that will be empowered in the future by biological jihad and producing new Muslim generations with no limits.


The American public is divided and President Donald Trump can’t fix  all  cracks that Obama’s  Administration has caused with its lunatics and ignorant multiculturalism perspective.  There is no cultural or religious diversity when you are in arena with Islam. The Islamic Religion has an ultimate core. It could be only one. Spreading brainwashed ideas about tolerant Islam and cohabitation with other religions sounds like utopia and we have no time for it, especially not America and not Michigan, where Muslim is competing for a governor place.  We have to remind that Dearborn, according to researchers is a silent cell of American Islam:“Dearborn, home to the largest mosque in north America, is a place of apparent contradictions. It is simultaneously a sleepy, affluent suburb and yet also the subject of rumours about Isis terror cells and sharia law.” 

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On the other side, it must be admitted that public education and cultural life in this little Baghdad is a worth of admiration. It is only because many Arab Americans are not Muslims or at least, they are Democrats.  They do not want any kind of extreme Islam around themselves because they have escaped from it. However, there are those who play on islamic pride, manipulate with religion and offer the Paradise in their words for those who follow.  They are those who call on honor killing in the heart of America and dream about DIN VA DAVLA – Islamic Empire.  The people like those, domesticated and home grown terrorists, born and raised in USA, are worse than imported one. They have been fed on the breast of American culture but hey are poisoned with hatred. They should be even more monitored than new coming immigrants with some of the lost passports. Everything always starts with a first demand and than progress into the terminal cancer, the silent islamization.


There are so many Muslims who live happily in western countries, following their own religions within ours, making no problems. I believe they are even more afraid of rise of Political Islam as any Christian or Jew. Why? Because one moderate Muslim is a bigger enemy to radical Muslim than any kafir, infidel. The American Muslims who live in harmony with Holy Bible know better than anyone else what does it mean having a sword of wrong interpreted Holy Qur’an below your head. The evil people find a way to coordinate   the opinionated  mass, offering them expensive words for a cheap deeds. As I have also written in some of my previous articles, every goverment must control the role and importance of local imams. Some of those guys do not hesitate to deliver the scenario from inferno and to wake up the demons of revenge in the dreamy towns.


It is not about Islam and Muslims or Trump and Americans. It is actually about the future of the global peace. The strong society doesn’t mean only powerful economy and military strength but the unity from inside. In divided America, people like Ahmad Akhtar are dangerous. Why? Because  they are  pretending to be Americans but their hearts are beating in the deadful tact. They are dreadful because you cant recognize them, they are super transformists. They could be everything what they need to be for their goals or the goals of the another universe. They are orchestrated dolls in the theater of horror.


We do not need religious wars or the clash of civilizations. The Western World has made one big mistake and got into the interest area of islam. Now it is too late to be out of it. Our greedy corporations have followed the damned line of oil, bringing the wars to the Muslims and hoping they will bring back to home only pure dollars. Unfortunately, they have brought back the thousands of homeless people, the children with no future and souls full of fear and hatred. There is no time for discussing why and how that has happened but to repair what it could be repaired. Our governments need to work on local Muslim communities and to empower the moderate Islam to stand up against the extremism. On the other side, we need our own local religions to be back to the broken American families and to give them reason to not convert into Islam, not embrace the radicalism or  ridiculous ideas of sick and mutated liberalism. Hippy logic in this age is not allowed because it  could be really deadly.


At some moment of global madness, one local Muslim has been awaken up with his religious pride, the feeling of being never really accepted in the system and the furiosity for all that turned his small life and life of his fellows into the hell. Some of them, like Ahmad, are those who writes the last chapter of civilization book with blood of innocent, with fire of jihad that we will never forget.

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