“One day men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century.”

-Jack the Ripper



The brief history of serial killers has shown us that the instinct for killing never dies. It is like a drug that makes some people do terrible things, embracing the morbid feelings, sharing death with no mercy. When we think of Jack the Ripper, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Peter Kürten or Zodiac Killer, we can’t hide our condemn and can’t get rid of that ancient fear from the unknown madness that follows this world as a grudge. They were sick but the society has not recognized that on time so they have ripped the innocent as a kind of revenge for not being normal.


Unfortunately, the social hunters never sleep. They are active and they feed themselves on fear from victims and intelligent play with crime experts. The serial killers are manipulative sadists with very high level of rational thinking mixed with the lack of emotional nature. Their typical modus operandi consists of the following steps: finding a potential victim, observing and learning about potential victim and finally hunting the prey. The whole process for the serial killer begins with the detailed studies of the life of the target. It is almost like a behavioral pattern they implement on their killing actions. Their psychological dominance comes from their primary awareness of the fact that they have been born as grabbers. They live through the death of others, through the pain and misery they cause and through the theater of created despair. The serial killers existence depends on HIDE and SEEK with the law enforcement and as long as they manage to fool the police, their personality grows and their monstrous deeds keep shocking the public. With each new murder, they are closer to their invisible triumph of horror, the perfection of bestiality they are seeking all lifelong.


According to statistics, the USA has more serial killers than any other country but not each state in America is fighting the same battle with those social predators. The ten states have a serious problem with serial killing and their rates are shocking. Oklahoma is among those 10 leaders with 174 serial killings until now and adjusted number of serial killing per 1 million: 5.86. Texas has also the disturbing list, with the number of serial murders 793 and with the rate 6.11. In spite of fact that Texas executes its serial killers, that does not stop them to hunt. Robert Ben Rhoades aka The Truck Stop Killer has been known for killing more than 50 people during his high way wandering. We should not forget female serial killer Genene Jones that targeted babies since she worked as a nurse. Candy Man was from Texas too, he raped and killed 29 boys. There is Utah with total number of serial killings: 78 and rate 6.1. The unforgettable Ted Bundy lived in this state and killed, related on the available evidences, about 14 women during the 70s. Beautiful Louisiana had its Baton Rouge Serial Killer. Derrick Todd Lee was famous as a serial killer that killed his victims in their own homes. That made this state to be popular as the place of high serial killer activity: rate 7.35 and 276 murders. The rate 7.36 has Oregon and the number of killing 162. Dayton Leroy Rogers aka the Molalla Forest Killer destroyed the lives of 7 women over there and becoming an idol for new creepy serial psychopaths that brought Oregon on the 6th place for the serial killing frequency in the USA. Washington has black image since the rate goes to 7.44 and 277 murders. Green River Killer and Robert Yates helped the dark moments of this state. The first one, Gary Ridgeway, killed 48 people in the Seattle area while the second one, the prominent member of the society, murdered 13 prostitutes in 90s. With the total number of serial killing that reaches 1507, California has a rate 7.81. Just to mention some of the iconic serial killers like Zodiac Killer, Charles Manson and to remind that California is still dealing with many unsolved killings that lead to the new age serial killers. Nevada and Alaska are also on this malign list. The land of desert has a rate 12.19 and 98 serial murders but it has the second highest violent crime rate in the whole America. On the other side, Alaska has the highest number of serial killings per capita, 15.65 and number of 51. With people like Robert Hansen and Joshua Wade, Alaska has experienced the fear and panic.


Florida is a special case, 778 cases of serial killings and rate 9.92. Daniel Howard Rolling aka the Gainesville Ripper murdered five women but many others have hunted people and escaped. It is a feeling that Florida lives in the permanent fear that some serial killer will be awaken and rip the innocent lives. The last news from The Sunshine State are highlighting the potential serial killer in Tampa that keeps people in real angst and based on CNN reports:” In the last month, four seemingly unconnected people have been shot and killed in Seminole Heights not far from Haynes’ home. The victims are separated by age, race and occupation, and each was killed — but not robbed — while walking alone at night within a half-mile area, police said. Officials have said the killings are connected in their methodology, leading to fears that a serial killer is on the loose. Nobody has been arrested for the killings.”


What is actually happening in Tampa? Seminole Heights is almost like a silent war zone. The police is investigating the unlinked murders, hoping to find the connecting chain and to detect the responsible person that has been classified as the serial killer, since there are more than three murders committed in the same style. For some crime profilers, this killer is the worst night mare ever because they cant catch him and they cant offer the security to the possibly endangered people. They offer $ 41,000 for any information that could bring them closer to the Tampa serial killer that has turned this city into the despair in November of 2017. The problem is how to define him other than as a serial killer even if there are maybe not so many proves we are talking really about serial killers. The researchers seek the small piece that will give them the solution of the Seminole Heights killings puzzle. People are warned to not get out alone and certainly not in the marked area but the atmosphere of tension is in the air. The Tampa still waits what is going to happen and the police officers are afraid it will not be good as long as the killer is free.


The advanced crime psychology methods of defining the committer have helped that many serial killers are arrested before they commit the 3rd murders. When we compare with the years back, this is a positive step but not enough powerful to protect the potential victims on the street, at their homes, everywhere.


The existence of serial killing in America is a severe social disorder that have to be analyzed from many perspectives and through many dimensions of social and individual responsibility. The society produces those monsters and the society is the only one that is able to eliminate them or at least to put them on the leash.








  1. Sarah’s intriguing and elucidating article stimulated various questions in my mind associated with the subjects of serial killers and Florida. For example, what is the strict definition of a serial killer and who or what is qualified to comprehend and assess this? According to The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), ‘someone who commits two or more separate murders’. If we apply this to Andrew Jackson (1767-1845; served as the US-President from 1829-37), he fits the profile of a serial killer during his years in Florida:

    In 1816, Andrew Jackson (then, a military officer) led a detachment into Florida which destroyed a community of escaped slaves and their descendants. US-President James Monroe ordered Jackson to prevent Spanish Florida from becoming a refuge for runaway slaves, after Spain promised freedom to fugitive slaves. His tactics were barbaric and he killed several individuals personally (i.e. blood lust), in separate occasions. He crushed Seminole and Spanish resistance in the region. Most of the indigenous peoples of Florida died from exposure to Eurasian infectious diseases; such as smallpox and measles, to which they had no immunity (others died from savage warfare).

    The other question that Sarah’s article prompted in my mind concerns the documented history of serial killers in Britain and North America; an imported social sickness, possibly. Among the indigenous peoples of Florida, there would have been murders and mentally-disturbed individuals, as well. The aboriginals had their own justice systems, but the European governments encouraged barbarism against the indigenous peoples, in order to confiscate their lands and resources, etc. In this lawless environment, a serial killer acting with impunity would have been exceedingly-effective. Since ancient times, governments have employed unstable minds to carry out vicious assassinations, for example.

    Lewis Hutchinson (a Scottish immigrant to British Jamaica) was the first recorded serial killer in Jamaica’s history and one of its most prolific. He shot and robbed passers-by of all types on his property, after which his slaves threw the bodies in Hutchinson’s Hole, where they were devoured by animals.

    Micajah Harpe (c. 1748-1799) and Wiley Harpe (c. 1750-1804) were serial killers, highwaymen and river pirates, who operated in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Mississippi, in the late-18th century. The Harpes’ crimes appear to have been motivated more by blood lust than financial gain. In all probability, they are first known serial killers of The United States of America. They are credited with having killed 39 people, and may have killed as many as 50. Again, a lawless society encouraging such behaviour.

    The motives of serial killers are placed into four categories: visionary, mission-oriented, hedonistic and power or control. However, the motives of any given killer may display considerable overlap among these categories (e.g. Andrew Jackson).


  2. Thank you, Sarah, for you informative and elucidative article !

    It’s so sad that U. S. has the highest rate of serial killers. This is, in my opinion, due in large part to the “broken” home in America !
    Many marriages, over 50% to be exact, end up in divorce and the children of those “broken” homes grow up with many conflicts and face substantial emotional problems.

    As a result, some of those children become problematic people as they get older. It is a psychological factor, as they try to unleash their childhood repressed feelings !

    The same is also true of other childhood psychological problems that haunt some people into their adult life without their being able to handle them !

    More attention needs to be given to the typical American family and more time to the parents to “be parents” and not just “robots” who work 40 to 60 hours a week with no time to spend with their children and no time to answer their needs !

    What an excellent article, Sarah ! And as usual, the illustrations are perfect !


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