“The condition of man…is a condition of war of everyone against everyone.”

-Thomas Hobbes


Back in 1960s and 1970s, the flowers have the smell of anarcho-pacifism, illusion about the peace, and anti-nuclear attitude. The Flower children were the holders of the  American counterculture that battled the old habits of society, blaming the national state for organized violence and offering the New Left paradigma that has changed really nothing. The hippies believed in nonviolence,  absence  of racism, universal belonging, love and peace. Their utopistic  dreams have died   in some of their old, happy vans but the world has never get rid of seed of the anarchy.

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All conservative social thinkers and political philosophers believe that people are not evolutionary and intellectually on that level to be peaceful without legal framework and organized control of their behaviour. If they cross the limits, they will pay for the consequences. Maybe it is not a promise of an absolute freedom for all  but it is definitely a promise of the ultimate security for all. Without state, people are wolves to each others. Without pack’s regulations, wolves kill each others with no mercy. The conclusion: or we will have organized state that keeps our security or we will be drowned into the monstrosity of anarchy that will challenge our security and give us fake feeling of freedom.

The recent chaotic events in Hamburg, regarding the G20 summit, and covered by co called concern for ecological future, economic prosperity and greed of capitalism do not show the extremism of liberal thinking but the danger of the rise of anarchism wrapped into the design of fight for global social justice. The rioters that protested in Hamburg against the strategies and goals of G20 summit haven’t peacefully expressed their opinions and ideas and the reasons why they are against the G20 summit agenda. They have burnt the beautiful German city on Elba. They have hurt more than 213 police officers, destroyed numerous shops and cars and they sent the picture of the  social breakdown to the whole world.  The scene in Hamburg reminded us all on the scene in some of the war zones. The deep  smoke, broken glasses, the car’s set up on fire and Black Bloc anarchists who follow their own magnitude of violence against capitalism.


Some of the German politicians have informed the public that Hamburg police is dealing with the aggressive form of hard-left anarchists, the leftists militants and radicals that do not have limits and social and political control. At the end of the horror time for Hamburg and civilized world, there have been more than 144 people that are arrested as leftist anarchists but the book of ANTIFA is something new for the global readers.


ANTIFA is The Anti-fascist Action movement that gathers far-left and extreme supporters of anarchist ideology as well as the socialists who do not hesitate to use the violence as the form of activism. They think they know what they are standing for but it is a fact that those people enjoy any kind of clashes with the authorities and options for demolition and havoc. Hiding behind the masks, they are courageous to attack the police and claiming they are opposing the rise of far-right feelings in social architecture, they are opposing the peace and security. The Antifa is not the only group responsible for this unrest, there are many subcategories and micro  movements that merge into the larger scale of  violent activism. The core of the Hamburg dark days, was definitely the protest under the name “Welcome to Hell” and the protesters turned the life of all into the hell, by their notorious hatred, unlimited criminal behaviour and biased theories and policies they are grounded on.The  organiser of the mentioned protest,  Andreas Blechschmidt stated that the main idea was to show to the global leaders that their failed politics are directly linked with the wars, hunger and lack of the  security. I would rather say that they showed us that they are nothing but the criminals crawled out of their holes, hungry to grab for their own interests.



When we make the anatomy of the Hamburg riot, we can argue all they are supposing to stand up for. First of all, they are talking about the military offensive politics of global players and use of violence. Look at those people clad in black and red, in their DNA is written violence. How they reacted on police and what they have done in Hamburg is nothing better as what our leaders are doing for years back. If I question someone’s strategy, I am not trying to question that offering the worse one. They are complaining about hunger in the world but they still steal food from the stores and throwing it away on the police officers who just do their job. Then they cry about the rise of fascism, but they wont show themselves and their identities. At the end of the agony, they scream about the climate disaster but they are causing the highest pollution ever in the city that they  set up on fire. They have maybe the good learnt vocabulary but their manifest is a manifest of offenders, criminals and protagonist of militant anarchism.



Germany is already dealing with the growing anger of domestic population towards the forced immigration politics. It seems that an average German is working more and harder to fee those who came from nowhere and who don’t want to integrate but to force their own believes upon local.  That definitely causes that far-right wing is starting exposing itself and finding the support of targeted people. Loving your country and your people doesn’t mean that you hate others but it does mean that anyone who comes to be your guest or to live in your house must simply accept your rules. But, in this case, unfortunately, the guests want to burn their host hauses and if you are against it, you must be a nazist. The main problem is that German politicians must learn lessons and as soon as possible.


The Hamburg is known for its squatter scene from 1980s, but the leftists have regularly made a chaos in this city in last 10 years. In 2008, the extremists have also battled the Hamburg  police for several hours. The police is familiar with this tapestry of violence but in the G20 summit clashes, the violence has been enhanced by the support of militants from other German cities (Berlin and Rostock) and from other European states( Italy and Switzerland)


This is not event that has been planned from yesterday for tomorrow. This is planned for years back and carefully manipulated from the center of orchestra. Who is having interest to destabilize already destabilized international community? There is a big bad paradox about it.They claim they are worried for the future of the world but they are intentionally destroying this world. If they are not lunatics, they are enough dangerous to be considered as rational human beings but rather as oppressive criminals that are interested in stealing our freedom and our security. Everyone has right to express disagreement but there must be a boundaries of political madness because every kind of extremism is evil planted seed.






  1. Sarah’s impassioned, candid and definitive article brought to mind several issues and topics. For example, the socioeconomic stability that existed throughout the former Soviet Union, prior to its disintegration and infusion into the most debilitating aspects of anarchic Capitalism in the 1990s.

    Ostensibly, it happened much earlier in the former-Yugoslavia, because the central Yugoslavian governments began borrowing vast amounts of Western capital in the 1970s; trying to fund economic growth through exports. Yet, many Occidental economies went into recession, and the demand for Yugoslavian imports decreased; creating a severe debt problem in Yugoslavia. By 1989, 428 firms had declared bankruptcy or were liquidated (90,000 workers dismissed). During the first nine months of 1990, directly following the adoption of a disastrous IMF programme, another 889 enterprises (with a combined work-force of 525,000 workers) suffered the same fate.

    An additional 20% of the work force, or half a million people, were not paid wages during the early months of 1990, as enterprises sought to avoid bankruptcy. The largest concentrations of bankrupt firms and lay-offs were in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo. Real earnings were in a free fall and social programmes had collapsed; creating within the population an atmosphere of social despair and hopelessness. This was a critical turning point in the events that followed (i.e. absolute anarchy, the civil wars). Many older people began to long for a return to the socioeconomic stability they had experienced under the Soviet system, in the 1960s. The economic anarchy in Capitalism is far more violent for ordinary Working Class families across the world.

    Concerning the recent violence in Hamburg and the G20 conference, it is often the case that the policing agencies themselves instigate the violence via pseudo-Anarchists (i.e. paid individuals [usually, drug addicts and undercover police officers]), in order to present a false image of all protesters/demonstrators. In other words, to demonize the lawful and legitimate demonstrations, etc. Personally, I experienced this for the first time in a massive demonstration in Rome, Italy, against The Persian Gulf War: pseudo-Communists and Anarchists were paid by the local police to cause violence at our rally, at the end of the march. Later, we proved this, and the Italian police were prosecuted by local shop owners.

    Frequently, peaceful protesters organize class action law suits against policing bodies, when evidence proves that those policing agencies had in fact instigated violence via pseudo-Anarchists. So far, the violence in Hamburg points to this scenario.

    I was living in Canada when the 2010 G20 summit was held in Toronto, and various human rights watch dogs conducted post-summit investigations into the instigation of the violence that occurred, and about 90% of the violence was instigated by pseudo-Anarchists in the pay of the federal Canadian government. The objective being to demonize the peaceful protesters, through the mainstream media. They succeed. However, specific legal cases revealed the extent of the unlawful violence used by Canadian police officers themselves. For example, in 2015, Andalib-Goortani (Canadian citizen and peaceful demonstrator) proved that the force on the part of the police officers who injured and maimed him was illegal and unconstitutional.

    In 2014, Toronto Police Superintendent Mark Fenton was charged with unlawful arrest and discreditable conduct, in relation to the kettling incidents of the 2010 G20 protests and faced a disciplinary hearing. He was found guilty of two counts of unlawful arrest and one count of discreditable conduct, and faced disciplinary charges under The Police Act. In rendering judgment, Ontario judge John Hamilton explained that ‘Legitimate protesters had the right not to be subject to arrest for making noise, chanting and sitting in the public street’.

    Judge Hamilton indicated that he believed Toronto Police Superintendent Fenton was committed to serving the public, but that he did not properly understand the constitutional right of the public to protest. In addition to the unlawful arrest convictions, Judge Hamilton deemed Fenton guilty of discreditable conduct resultant from keeping people corralled in the streets during a severe thunderstorm, while his duty was to protect them from such harsh weather.

    Always, human violence has to be kept in its proper context… For example, the economic anarchy the world is now suffering through the dysfunctional policies and strategies of Capitalism result in far more destruction than any violence brought about in a protest. Extensive biodiversity loss is just one global example of the negative impacts of anarchic Capitalism. During The Cold War, Capitalism had a counterweight (i.e. The Soviet Union and China). Since the 1990s, the absence of this counterweight has seen more and more socioeconomic violence. Cristofo Colombo was a Capitalist, was paid by Capitalists, and his endeavours ended up destroying vast swathes of regional eco-systems of North America through the microorganisms, etc., that were in the ships from Europe to The Americas.

    Sarah concludes her provocative and important article with ‘Everyone has the right to express disagreement, but there must be a boundary of political madness, because every kind of extremism is an evil seed that is planted’. The problem is that the ‘evil’ comes from the dysfunctional political ideology that predominates the world (i.e. Capitalism). Without unconditional equality, mutual respect and tolerance of differences, there can be no progress. I do not advocate violence, and this includes offensive military forces (e.g. the US-military), policing bodies that employ violence to protect Commerce and not people and Nature, Right-Wing death squads that murder environmental activists and journalists, Occidental intelligence services that ‘silence’ peaceful and law-abiding citizens (e.g. Karen Silkwood) and multinational corporations that employ anarchy to crush dissident voices in areas like The Delta of Nigeria where Occidental petroleum corporations have caused so many deaths and natural destruction.

    Mohandas K. Gandhi once remarked ‘I know a way out of Hell…’ I understand this.


  2. Thank you, Sarah, for an excellent article with interesting content. Regardless of the cause people protest for or against, protests should never be violent or destructive. They should always remain peaceful with love and respect to all. The Hamburg G20 protest that we have seen is totally unpeaceful. Violence does not help correct the bad situation the world is in, but adds to the agony and misery of it. Let us always wrap our disagreements with love and respect.

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  3. Thank you, Sarah, for your detailed coverage and outstanding article !

    I was watching the news here in the U.S. when the channel started covering the demonstrations in Hamburg and the clashes that ensued between the demonstrators and the police ! One of the commentators was stating how Germany, as a democratic country, would allow such demonstrations.

    While I believe in the freedom of speech, I do not agree with riots and unrest, nor do I agree with looting and setting properties on fire ! This brings back memories of the Los Angels riots because of the Rodney King case and Police brutality in 1992 !

    Those were very scary times and I remember when Marshal Law was in order in Los Angeles, which implied a curfew ! So I do feel for the German people in Hamburg, as I have lived though the same.

    In fact, the first amendment in the U.S. Constitution specifically calls for a peaceful gathering as can be seen:

    “The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, ensuring that there is no prohibition on the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.”

    The city of Hamburg will recover as Los Angeles did, but the laws have to be stricter with anarchists whose goal is to cause unrest and disturb peace !

    I appreciate your research and the ease with which you impart knowledge to your readers!


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