It is not happening so far away from our world, it is happening in our world, close to our homes and the parks where our children are playing in the afternoon. The ghettos are not closed in the historical books, they are crawling into our modern life, making us feel insecure 24/7. No matter where we are located and how safe is the country we live in, it is never safe enough to protect us from the growing shadows of the crime, terrorism and global insecurity.

When we look back on the evolution of the human rights and democracy, we can not fail to see how slow was the whole process of integration the barbaric systems into the civil one and how fast is the process of disintegration that hits us all nowadays. The uncontrolled and usually forced immigration from the third-world countries into the western part has caused the failure of domestic social infrastructure that is not able to deal with all expectations and accumulated anger. The rise of wars and conflicts  worldwide without real diplomatic efforts that to be sorted out, like it is ordered to not be stopped, increases the potential security challenges and threats. The life we have had is a past, we are welcoming the daily life of dealing with atmosphere of expecting bad things to happen because our state can not fully protect us.


That is the main reason why the term “No-go zone” becomes slowly the portrait of the civilization sins we are paying for. The ghettos all over the Europe and America that are breeding terror, hatred, anti-system feelings, social animosity, cultural condemn and economical depression. Unfortunately, the scenery is not part of the movie story from the last century but the sharp reminder that the humanity has failed to save the humans from turning into beasts.


The “No-go zone” is an expression used to illustrate the area in a town or a big city where the state authorities have no control due to the local paramilitary formations that force all others that live in that zone to follow their rules and to oppose the state regulations. That is also the term that covers the confession of the goverment that is not capable to fight with the crime network and local gangsters that lead the underground paradise and black market. In the both cases, the state sovereignty is lost and at that moment, the kingdom of crime sins is born and ready to overrule. The famous english philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, once stated that without sovereignty, the society is done because people are naturally selfish and violent, they can not make their own decisions and even if they did, according to him, the life would be short, nasty and brutish. That is why we all need sovereignty, ruler, Leviathan. In the “No-go zones”, they killed Leviathan.


The American and European picture of NO-GO zone seems to be somehow identical because the both continent has suffering from the uncontrolled migration, the lack of  available rules for the new illegal immigrants and the failure of economical chances for all to participate in. America is struggling itself to rise the economy and bring new jobs to the Americans and when American President Donald Trump promised to deal with the dangerous side of immigration, he was accused for the bigotry. The fact is that something must be done about it. Not any immigrant is criminal but many criminals are definitely with the immigration background and coming directly from some of many American ghettos. The same is with the seed of terrorism. The domestic grown terrorism is the most dangerous one. If you don’t give the equal chance to Muhammad and Sam to find themselves within many cells of  the system, you will have the problem. Muhammad can join the radical community and Sam can run the criminal organization or vice versa. The root of all frustrations within one system is lack of economical chances and possibilities for everyone to compete and earn enough to feed a family. If hunter doesn’t find a prey in one area, he will turn it into no-go area.


America is currently divided among those who believe that No-Go zones have to do something with Muslim population on rise. It is a true that there are many cities within USA that Muslims are dominant but that still doesn’t mean full implementation of Shari’ah Law. However, the city of  Dearborn, MI is always taken as an example of such a religious NON-GO zone. But, in American case, the gang NO-GO zones are definitely the bigger problem, Let’s see now Chicago,IL:“The city of Chicago has 59 gangs, and within those, there are 625 factions. Every year the Chicago Police Department releases The Gang Book, which outlines the territory these gangs control. Some of these territories, found on the map below, appear to be as large as entire neighborhoods or as small as a city block. Chief Roti of the Department claimed, ‘We don’t want to either glorify a gang or maybe unintentionally cause a gang rift…You [a gang member] could look at a map and say, ‘They got way more territory than us’.Although these are not officially called ‘No-Go zones,’ police from this department claim that they cannot enter many of these districts without being directly shot at or attacked.For places like Chicago it is a citizen’s right to know if they are in danger.” Then comes California and the beautiful city of Los Angeles, also known very much for a dangerous neighbourhood and no-go zones. It is not officially declared  but it is not so recommend for anyone to wander alone  in Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Culver City, Venice, Inglewood, Compton, Santa Monica, and Van Nuys. San Francisco is dealing with the similar problem so the NYC with the 375 gangs within the city according to NYPD. The problem aren’t gangs themselves as they are the part of the blood of all big cities but the moment when the state can not control anymore  the cancer of crime and when the malign disease breeds the city feelings.  The USA is still occupied more with the gang no-go zones than with the religious and immigrant compounds like it is happening recently within the Europe.


The situation in Europe is not so easy because of the problem with the immigrants and their place in the European countries. Many of them obviously do not want them and majority of  immigrants do not want to integrate themselves either. If you come in another cultural context, in another religious framework, you must give some efforts to find your place and not to push everyone else to follow your own line of belief or identity. That is not integration, that is domination then.


The European authorities know two types of no-go zones. The religious parts that are far away from any state control and gang zones that are known for criminal activities.

The  German police warns that there are so unpleasant corners of Berlin and north of Duisburg that it reminds on the Chicago nightmare in the heart of Europe:“Once Duisburg-Marxloh was a popular shopping and residential area. Now clans claim the streets for themselves. The police are powerless. The descent of the district is nightmarish.Police say they are alarmed by the brutality and aggression of the clans, who are said to view crime as leisure activity. If police dare to intervene, hundreds of clan members are mobilized to confront the police.” Lebanese clans are doing perfectly their jobs. According to “Ghetto Report Germany”, there are about 40 trouble making parts of Germany, or we can identify them as german no-go zones and they include:Berlin-Neukölln, Bremerhaven-Lehe/Bremen-Huchting, Cologne-Chorweiler,Dortmund-Nordstadt, Duisburg-Marxloh, Essen-Altenessen, Hamburg-Eidelstedt, Kaiserslautern-Asternweg, Mannheim-Neckarstadt West and Pforzheim-Oststadt.


France and Belgium are facing with the womb-based terrorism, so called homegrown terrorism.The local kids are becoming the super famous terrorists. There are so many ghettos in both of those states but these are ethnic enclaves within the booming cities like Paris or Brussels(Molenbeek)  The lawless suburbs where majority of young population of immigrants, many of them are even illegals, are jobless, with the islamic religious background, and easy to be manipulated for terrorism by extreme groups or local criminal gangs, like it is Algerian gang known for a drugs trafficking  and prostitution channels:“In August 2014, the French magazine Contemporary Values suggested that France had more than 750 areas of ‘lawlessness,’ a.k.a. no-go zones. In a 2011 study, comprising 2,200 pages, Giles Kepel, a political scientist and specialist on Islam at the Institut Montaigne, and his colleagues conclude that these no-go zones are now becoming separate Islamic societies. In these areas, Sharia is replacing French civil law and the residents are rallying under the banner of radical Islam and violent jihad, against their fellow French citizens. No doubt a similar dynamic has been taking place in the South Asian Muslim enclaves in Britain, as well as in the Turkish and Balkan Muslim enclaves in Germany. “


The swedish picture of no-go zones has been a subject of biased and unbiased news lately after the short documentary by moviemaker Ami Horowitz has been published in december 2016, under the name Stockholm Syndrome. The focus was on a violence by Muslim immigrants within Sweden and according to police, there are many no-go areas in Sweden where police definitely will not go in any case. Officially, there are about 55 no-go zones in Sweden, mostly located within the district of Rinkeby of Stockholm, but the critical is also in Malmo.

images (1).jpg

What about the UK? The same as everywhere else, specially when police denies the existence of no-go zones, proclaimed to be Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. It is interesting that those cities are known for organized crime, gangs gathering and growing insecurity for residents.


There is no goverment that enjoys to admit its own failure in answering the city needs for safety. It seems that instead of multicultural creative pot, we are getting the virus of global security challenges and risks, hidden in the forced immigration waves and unconsolidated policy to sort that out and offer to the population the minimum level of human security within the national security. The state fails when doesn’t know how to protect its own borders and regulations and accepting the domination of no-go zones sounds like a death of a national state and welcoming the destruction  of three substantial civil values: liberty, equality, fraternity.


  1. Sarah’s provocative, informative and relative article ends with the French revolutionary motto of ‘liberté, égalité, fraternité’ (Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood), which was first expressed by Maximilien Robespierre in his speech entitled ‘On the organization of the National Guard’, in 1790. The paradox is that governments employ criminal elements in order to neutralize political threats to their elite sponsors. For example, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) approached organized crime syndicates in Miami, Florida, to saturate the neighbourhoods in California of The Black Panthers (militant civil rights movement of African-Americans) in the 1960s. The militant group was neutralized, but Los Angeles and other cities of California became engulfed by hard drugs and the trade spread across the rest of the country, rapidly. The mafia promised to control the spread, but they never intended to. Many social ills have arisen from the drug trade in The United States of America.

    A sensitive urban zone (French, Zone urbaine sensible, ZUS) is an urban area in France defined by the authorities to be a high-priority target for city policy; taking into consideration local circumstances related to the problems of its residents. There are 751 sensitive urban zones in France. Nearly five million people live in zones of difficulty of France with diverse problems (e.g. high unemployment and a low percentage of secondary school graduates). In January of 2015, after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, several items on Fox News labeled the ZUS as ‘Islamic no-go zones’. French media agencies denied these claims. After complaints, Fox News issued an apology, stating that there was ‘no credible information to support the assertion there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion’.

    In the context of the so-called War on Terror (which Sarah’s article alludes to), it has been well-documented that the administrations of US-president Ronald Reagan (1980s), via the CIA and NSA, invested in supporting the Taliban against the Soviet forces/authority in Afghanistan. What the Taliban representatives did not know was that they were being set up as a post-Soviet pretext for the endless and sustainable War on Terror: the NATO war against the former Yugoslavia (during the Clinton administrations) continued and intensified this process, during the 1990s. In 1989, Saddam Hussein was told by the then US-Ambassador in Baghdad that the ‘US-government would support his incursion and annexation of Kuwait’. Meanwhile, the sons of Osama Bin Laden were being educated in Lebanon, Britain and North America, via the sponsorship of the US-government. The Think Tanks in Washington, D.C. had long known what would emerge from this scenario: No-Go Zones peopled by militant and aggrieved Muslims, in The First World; aside the already existing No-Go Zones peopled by Christians (e.g. Mexican mafia and Cuban mafia in North America) and others. These No-Go Zones are deliberately maintained, because they can be utilised for political agendas. In a military context, they could easily be shut down; especially, in The United States of America.

    As Sarah exclaims, the systems and the governments have failed to protect citizens, because they created the reality of No-Go Zones. Without functional and effective assimilation into a society, the possibility of tensions and violence become enhanced. Multiculturalism does work (e.g. Montreal, Canada), but least of all in countries where monopolies of citizenship prevail (e.g. Anglo-Saxons in The United States of America and Britain). As long as Occidental governments continue to use the No-Go Zones as political recourse and pretexts, they are not going to be dissolved. More innocent civilians/citizens will be killed… The Occidental intelligence services monitor the No-Go Zone areas of all Western states and they are involved in allowing the terrorist acts to occur (e.g. the British intelligence service had been monitoring the man who committed the recent attack in Westminster since 2011). Ordinary Occidental citizens must unite and force their governments to divorce themselves from this nefarious relationship. Edward Snowden exposed this noxious rapport; among others. It is fear that sustains the public’s unwillingness to challenge their respective governments.

    Where do we go from here?

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  2. Brilliant as always Sarah! Thank you for such thorough research and clear writing. I agree with you very much that in the absence of state control and sovereignty, crime and terror grow at different levels and dimensions. The No-Go zones didn’t just get dropped down at us overnight from heavens. It grew up slowly while our governments have been watching and doing nothing about it. As a matter of facts our governments deliberately allowed and helped such spots to exist in our cities to serve their interest. If immigrants were not given an equal opportunity to integrate themselves in the society they live in, naturally they would turn into some other alternatives, which are all negative and evil. I understand that some immigrants do not want to integrate themselves in the system, but our governments should be wise, alert, and never have allowed them to do so from the first place. I believe the No-Go zones are kept by our governments to serve as a scare for us to get our sympathy and support.


  3. Hmm it looks like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any suggestions for inexperienced blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.


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