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“Lion farms generate further income from tourists and volunteers by offering lion cub petting, photographing and walking, all of which are meant drain every last dollar out a lion until it is ready to be shot.”

-Matthew Payne

Animals can not speak, they are voiceless. They suffer in silence, far away from our eccentric demands and maniac pleasures. Human beings think they do own the whole planet and that they can do what they want, not only to the nature but to the whole wildlife. We pollute beautiful rain forests, we kidnap the resources what belongs to all creatures, we rape this Earth with no mercy and then we dare to preach about human rights, democracy and advanced society. We are nothing more than unleashed beasts and as the time passes, we are worse.


Our sick and sadistic systems have turned the world into the roulette. I wish it is a russian roulette so at the end of the day, we would kill each others with bullet of madness instead of killing the innocent animals and infecting the pure nature with our toxins. I don’t see other pests but humans. Who is killing for inner pleasure?People who hunt for fun. Who is organizing the biggest butchery ever? People who consume the meat. Who is keeping the slavery? People who keep animals in captivity and pretend they do own them. Welcome to the world of people, who are everything but not human beings with compassion.

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I was shocked when i heard for the first time for trophy hunting. I do not approve hunting at all but I can understand that some people live from hunting and depend on nature and its offer. But, I will never understand the people who have money and power and who decide to go in some beautiful land to pay fee for so called “conservation” to hunt and kill the rare and endangered wild animals. That applies mostly on Africa and free range of trophy hunting for rich elite. Those people are American, European, Asian or Australian businessmen or politicians who have enough money to pay to the corrupted Safari hunting clubs for permission to set free their sadistic, predator personality and to hunt precious animals ¬†in ¬†Africa kicked by poverty. This is beyond mental sickness because we do know that faked information about them actually helping the efforts of policy of conservation is media fabricated comfort for indifferent population and silent protesters, accused they are timeless hippies constantly on drugs and without real knowledge about the importance of trophy hunting for domestic economy and wildlife prosperity. Someone once wrote that in age of information being ignorant is a matter of choice but I personally would add that in the age of total destruction of wildlife by trophy hunting , the ignorance about ¬†the real meaning of conservation is ¬†even more destructive than any bullet used for killing of many elephants, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, ¬†zebras and other wonderful wildlife beauties.

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The special dark field of trophy field is reserved for canned hunting. That is organized business in Africa and I can not think of anything but to call this as organized crime against nature. Canned hunting is shameful part of African hunting tradition which means lion farms where lion cubs are kept in captivity and abused during their youth to bring tourist money and after they “grow up”, they have been sent to range to be ¬†hunted and killed by some rich zoosadist from some of very advanced societies. In other words, animals have been bred to be slaughtered. Do not forget that is a sport. Taking away life from that beautiful animal is a sport to sick sociopath with lots of dollars or euros in pocket. After he kills lion and feels himself finally like a “real man” , he will bring “souvenirs” to his house like serial killer. His silicon wife and not so intelligent ¬†children will be impressed. The nature will be in grief.Every time it’s the same.


The tragedy of canned hunting is overwhelming the animal rights activists and environmental agents. Now we can see the hard line of division between corrupted conservation officers and enthusiastic who defend the nature and the real animal welfare fighters:“Breeders argue it is better that hunters shoot a captive-bred lion than further endanger the wild populations, but conservationists and animal welfare groups dispute this. Wild populations of lions have declined by 80% in 20 years, so the rise of lion farms and canned hunting has not protected wild lions. In fact, according to Fiona Miles, director of Lionsrock,a big cat sanctuary in South Africa ¬†run by the charity Four Paws,it is fuelling it. The lion farms’ creation of a market for canned lion hunts puts a clear price-tag on the head of every wild lion, she says; they create a financial incentive for local people, who collude with poachers or turn a blind eye to illegal lion kills. Trophy-hunters who begin with a captive-bred lion may then graduate to the real, wild thing.”

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The main focus should be on some useful alternative which will also bring money but stop the growing up of lion farms canned hunting business. Some rich but compassionate people and foundation built the ranches where tourists can actually come and pay for a real interaction with the trained lions. Martin Quinn is a conservation educator and lion whisperer and he believes that we all must work on the conviction of people that live lions are worth more than dead. Pieter Kat, the founder of Lion Aid is not so sure that this lion whispering job will stop lion farms to breed lions and to sell them for good amount of money. It is all about the profit and the profit from ordinary tourists and trophy hunters will never be the same.



Unfortunately, some lions can never be taken away from lion farms and released free because they are not ready for life in wildness so they have been sent to big cat sanctuaries if they have luck. Who will control all lions farms around the African continent? In the place where hands full of dollars can open all doors, the destiny  of those awesome wild cats still depends on public activism, green movements and fanatics who will do all to help them and save them from the jaws of dirty capital.


National Geographic followed one amazing documentary about canned hunting, under the name “Blood Lions” by ¬†Ian Michler¬†, the movie¬†which has been seen in almost 185 countries worldwide:“The documentary Blood Lions exposes South Africa‚Äôs controversial ‘canned’ lion hunting industry. In canned hunts, captive-bred, often hand-reared lions are confined in enclosed spaces on private hunting reserves, guaranteeing marksmen easy trophy heads in exchange for fees of up to $50,000. With approximately 8,000 ‘ranch’ lions to draw on, South Africa‚Äôs hunt operators can make a fortune.”¬† This documentary has an international success and many countries started implementing standards for lion protection on the global level. Australia was among first that ban import of lion trophies in 2015, followed by France and promises of other EU members to do the same very soon.


The wild lions in South Africa number some 3,000 out of an estimated 20,000 remaining around the continent. This statistic is a horror as well as the lion ranches which are definitely not included in the real number because the destiny of those “bred lions” is also black. The orchestrated lies about conservation and trophy hunting are paid with sadists money and should be revealed as such.


After the movie “Blood Lions” touched many hearts worldwide, even the¬†Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) stood up against predator breeding farms and canned hunting and Botswana stopped trophy hunting in 2013.

The big opponent to animal welfare and lion savery is one secret criminal organization “South African Predator Association” which keeps rights of breeders, linked with trophy hunters interested especially in canned hunting. They do not want to lose their gold money and they do all they can to sabotage the efforts of real ethical conservationists to send canned hunting into the shameful history of mankind.


Ian Michler hopes to reach out the North American and European hunter associations which will deny finally the needs for canned hunting if not for trophy hunting. It is step by step project. Many hunter associations are lurking on rich people money and they do not want to say NO to their final clients when they decide to take a tour into the African wild heart to kill it for thousand and first time. But, the people must share objective information and facts from the ground and the faked conservation  ideology must be replaced with the real one, as soon as that is possible or we will lose the king of jungle in our human attempt to defeat non-human within us.


As Michler said, people should always keep in mind the following:“Not a single lion bred under the current captive conditions has any conservation value”¬†It is only about the business which is colored by greed, criminal psychology and fake concern for nature. Everyone who comes out with justification of trophy hunting or even canned hunting is nothing but being played in big game of global profit. Lions are the only victims of the people’s indifference to the race between lie and truth.





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