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“When it comes to preparing for a cataclysmic event, you have to consider every possible angle. So while my kids are off figuring out how we will keep the  food coming into the castle, I am thinking about how to keep the hungry marauders out.”

-Brent Sr.

The religions base their teaching and ideology on the life after death, they are starting with this life just to achieve the eternal one. They bring us God when we are surrounded by demons and they feed us with faith when we are lost in darkness. That is the soul of every religion and that is the substitute of our existence, to live and hope that after this life comes the next one, final justice for righteous and the worst punishment for sinners.

While our believes turn our reality into the rainbow of different fears, it seems that doomsday narration is the part of our DNA. The story about the end of the world is the crucial element of almost all holy books and the inspiration for movie and novel industry to create the global awareness through the fictional motives. They are harvesting profit on  people’s curiosity, mass adrenaline shaking but above all, they shape the spirit of fear among those who are easily to be manipulated through the entertainment unless they have been already opinionated via fanatical perspectives of the religious circles they belong to.There is a big difference  between  those who believe in God and those who believe in the end of the world we live in. It is not about the  worship’s sentiments, it is about the accepting the final messages of the divine and holding on it while the life on Earth is passing away.Instead of living, they are thinking of dying and the ways to stop it or overcome it somehow. If the God really exists , He must have some library of life and death and His delivery will be final and with no excuse. There is no chance  to fool the  fate just because you are ready to accept it. What is maktoob, will be always maktoob, even when it is the sunset of the world, even if the world is ready to die and to be born again.


It is said that the doomsday will happen very soon and it will be the reason of human’s greed or the nature’s cruel revenge. The pictures about it are different but their message is always the same:be ready, for that day, for any day, for all what can come on the road. The majority of people don’t even pay attention to the apocalyptical shows available in many media because they are trying to pay taxes and have enough money for the rest of bills. However, there are some who care what some pastor thinks or what some lonely God’s messenger is telling while he is preaching on the street, waiting for some dollars to buy a meal. We are deep in our problems but we still know that the universe of 36 tzadikim, according to Judaism, or the 36 righteous people who keep this world safe is already broken because the evil comes from all sides and there are no portals to block it. You don’t need to believe in Talmud’s version of 36 righteous people but nobody can forbid you to be doomsday prepper. At the end of the world, you will be one who know how to act because you have been waiting for it for your whole life. That’s your destiny within the final destiny of human race.


Who are dooms preppers? Actually, they are also known as the supporters of the whole movement of survivalism. The typical tabloid name for those people is Preppy but I would rather call them survivalists because of the philosophy they are following. They believe that something bad will happen and therefore they are actively preparing for any kind of emergencies, including social, political or ecological. They are not only limited on the area they live in, they are connected worldwide and share their ideas about the possible disruptions and the ways to escape from it. It is some kind of mental and ideological structure which allows them to fit into the worst scenarios ever. In spite of fact that all of them have belief that the world will face up with the catastrophe and they prepare for that situation through the self-defence training and self-sufficient infrastructure (water reservoir, food stock, security isolation of the object for living), they do not share the same inputs and outputs regarding the warning crisis. That is the reason that they are divided into categories of preppers ideology:those who are oriented on safety preparedness, wilderness survival emphasis, self defence driven, natural disasters, bio-chem scenario, Malthusian, monetary disaster, biblical eschatologists, peak oil preppers, followers of Rawlesian, medical chaos oriented and legal continuity oriented.


We can conclude that doomsday preppers can be each of them and all of them because this term sublime all fears on one place. The importance of being ready for the day D.Some psychologists claim that it must be something connected with doomsday phobia:“Doomsday phobias are a broad category of phobias that can encompass any fear of the end of the world. Some people fear plague, others nuclear holocaust, while still other people are afraid of Armageddon. Doomsday phobias are surprisingly common, occurring in some form in virtually every corner of the world. These  phobias  can be loosely categorized in several types. Two of the most common are technology phobias and religious phobias.” The first one comes from the fear about the losing of the current technological system and failure of science so the whole Earth will be hit by hard problems. The second one comes from the religious field and question the borders of someone’s believes. Both of them are dictating the one’s place within the mass hysteria, especially when we talk about the media pampered information and global tabloid gossip about the end of the world.


The doomsday preppers analyze the life after the global crisis and they want to have skills so they could be among those who survived final breakdown of this ugly world. We laugh at them and they laugh at us. We think they are crazy because they invest $250,000 in underground compound and organize the all levels of food and water supplies but they think we are simply idiots who don’t know to read signs by the road:” It would seem that over 3 million people in the USA and countless unknown numbers elsewhere in the world are feverishly preparing for the end of civilization as we know it. But are they prudent and smart people, or are they suffering from Doomsday Phobia? Is there a growing doomsday mass hysteria fuelled by the TV series Doomsday Preppers? “ The majority of those people are very prudent and intelligent people but how they adopted the doomsday phobias or simply all survivalism logic? Whats happened in their lives so they give up on reality and embraced the idea about the  world after this world? Their life pattern is in developing of basic and professional skills for survival of all emergency situation and ability to build a system after this one is crashed. We all know that Aristotle, Thomas Hobbes  and the army of conservative thinkers warned that people without laws are wild beasts so the primary goal for preppers and the leaders among them is to think about the settlement of the post-world community. There are so many movies grounded on the world after cataclysm and almost in everyone, the hardest moment is to build community after the chakals are unleashed. It is somehow normal that the primitive instincts of survival among people will be worse than the actual catastrophe and that is the  corner around the dooms preppers make their philosophy. They are not the product of hysterical and schizophrenia new age fears, they have been the part of the historical image for centuries. They built castles and they survived while peasants were dying . Look at the government’s military program and also at their survivalism strategy.The political zone is one of the most sensible to be colored by red button and potential nuclear holocaust but the idea about having bunkers is not dead. However, the UK goverment sold off the war’s bunkers at the former Cultybraggan camp in Scotland as well as one in  Wiltshire and those bunkers for the Royal Observer Corps. The same was in the US, the doomsday children who have had money bought the old military bunkers from the Army and they invested all they have to create the survival headquarter.

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The number of sites that are offering the prepper logic are growing whenever media come out with new global fear from some catastrophe. If that is not Maya calendar, asteroide or deadly virus, it will be the seed of terrorism or international human madness. However, the prepper website is available 24/7 and doesn’t give up to push on you all reasons to believe that we are all facing the last days. That is also the big business for all who are capable to deliver the goods of interest for our preppers. No matter if you need only 600 hour glow stick, survival water filter, fish antibiotics or the best survival books ever, you will have to pay. No, it’s not monetary crash so you must have money to be ready for the day when only your basic instinct will keep you in life or as one writer suggested:“One thing must be clear by now to the unscrupulous elements of society — if you want to find food, water, fuel and weapons in a post-apocalyptic society simply find the home or shelter owned by a Prepper. After a short gun battle, you can have all the supplies you need and you didn’t have to invest any time, money or effort to get them. However well armed Preppers are they will be unable to withstand a sustained and determined attack by a superior force of equally well armed and hungry people. So is Prepping worth the effort? Only you can decide that!”

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There is no a definite line between being afraid or being concerned. There is an infinite world between yesterday and tomorrow, known as a present time. We must live our lives despite our phobias, despite the fears from being launched into the unknown darkness and into the universe of chaos. We do not need to be preppers to see that we are dying as a mankind because of the fact that love for power replaced the power of love. That is the worst apocalypse ever, everything else is a bonus and when the time comes we all will be Max:”My name is Max.My world is reduced to a single instinct:Survive.As the world fell, it was hard to know who was more crazy:Me or everyone else.”


  1. Thank you, Sarah, for this riveting article! As usual, I have learned something new from it.

    People have been fascinated by the idea of an afterlife for thousands of years! In fact, the Ancient Egyptians were the pioneers in believing in it! They prepared for that afterlife with all their might to the point that some Pharos enslaved thousands of their people and subjected them to forced labor to build them their final tombs which are the very well-known Pyramids of Giza!

    They went on to stock food, gold, and money in their tombs in preparation for the afterlife! Sadly, all those fortunes were stolen and there was no aferlife for those Pharos!

    The idea of an afterlife or a next life may be nothing more than a myth that humans have devised in order to comfort themselves that all the efforts they have put into this life are not coming to an end!

    Of course, the Holy books all call for an afterlife, albeit they differ in their views of that next life. Both Christianity and Islam believe in both Paradise for good people and hell for sinners, whereas Judaism embraces the doctrine that there is Paradise for good people, but that there is no hell. The belief in Judaism is that sinners get punished here on earth!

    The last theory is that of the Hindu religion which believes in reincarnation where a petson would come back to life as a different human being or as an animal. The quality of the new cycle/life would depend on whether they were good people or bad people in the previous life cycle!

    In a way, despite the apparent differences, there is a common thread between the Holy Books and Hynduism, as all of them believe in rewarding the good and punishing the bad!

    We will only have the real answer at the end of our life! So enigmatic!

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  2. The British television drama Threads (1983) was the first of its kind to depict a nuclear winter. This was at the height of the Cold War rhetoric of the US-presidency of Ronald Reagan. This culminated from the hysteria and paranoia of potential nuclear warfare that arose in the 1950s. Several times, governments have come close to committing themselves to nuclear warfare. Now that more governments possess nuclear arsenals, and the possibility of sponsored terrorists accessing such technology is enhanced, the issue remains definitive; aside the issues of biological and chemical warfare.

    Added to this is the factor of natural cataclysms (e.g. giant asteroid impact and volcanic eruptions) and the impact of global warming, hydraulic fracturing and so on.

    In general, Homo sapiens do not think too deeply about the organic fragility and vulnerability they represent: they go about their quotidian agendas, and do not connect the dots of their carbon footprints (the average First World inhabitant destroys 30 square metres of Arctic Sea ice per year, via the lifestyle he/she lives – mass consumption, environmental damage and the destruction of biodiversity that sustains life on Earth).

    As Sarah alludes in her article, we can only live our lives in the present, through logic and common sense… The majority of our political and commercial leaders lack both logic and common sense, because they make decisions based upon detrimental primitive concerns, in general. The gift of this precious planet we all inhabit has never been protected by us in any universal manner. Now that we are all in deep trouble (i.e. destruction of the very fundamentals that sustain our lives on the planet, such as oxygen, water and biodiversity), the Apocalypse has become fashionable, once more. Some will profit form this, commercially. Others will deepen their paranoia. For myself, I just believe we lost our way when we created and implemented Commerce, some 14,000 years ago, during The First Agricultural Revolution; when we began to disrespect Nature and believe that we could control it.

    Thank you Sarah for being explicit in your article: your journalistic efforts and insights are invaluable…


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