Some years ago, I believed in the concept of multiculturalism and integration through the ideas of diversity and cultural and social collage. That was many years ago when terrorism has had  no name and when terrorists have not been fanatics who dream about chopping my head just because I believe in another God. This is not about Islam because I personally don’t like any kind of extremism within any nation, religious or ideological group but at the end of the day, this is about Islam because it is exploited and abused by those who want the rest of us believe in what they believe, even if that means believe in everything what Allah(dz.s.) is not actually.


The blacklist of terrorism in our countries is neverending. It is counting thousands of dead and hundred of thousands of those who are disordered somehow by terrorism and terrorists. That is exactly what terrorism wants and what plays on. Fear. Every time they attack, they pull a trigger of global panic and chaos, open the gate of hell and make us run into our safety corners. The time when each of us, so-called kuffr( kafir-infidel) can only pray for Orlando, Nice, Munich, Istanbul, Paris, Ankara, Beirut, Aleppo or Berlin. But, the fact is that we are all enemies to them, including their own brothers and sisters, who are not willing to adopt the radical obstruction of Islam and follow the newborn Frankenstein, raised from ISIS-ISIL-DAESH.


First, we need to distinct the world seen through the eyes of those who blindly follow the violent interpretations of the Islamic Religion. The peace is not possible as long as we have two opposite universe:  Dar al-Islam دار الإسلام‎‎ and Dar al-Harb  دار الحرب.


The House of peace simply covers all states where the Islamic Law is fully implemented but the House of war refers to all places where the Islamic Law is not accepted and in our case, the whole West is facing with the label: Dar al-Harb. There is one term in between Dar al-Tawhid often used by muslim scholars to describe the states where the Muslims are dominant but other monotheistic religions are also tolerated.  Our main problem is not the division of the world into the mentioned parts but the aspirations of those who find themselves into the radical tactics and strategies willing to change the distribution of religious dominance through the violence and terrorism. For them, the final goal is global caliphate or Dar al-Islam and they will never be satisfied with anything less than that. International dominance of Shari’ah Law  which will bring a peace or let’s say that is how those fanatics understand the hidden messages from the Holy Book of Qur’an. The disturbing is to know  that many of them aren’t capable to read Noble Qur’an  because they do not know Arabic but they are more than ready to give their lives based on empty and brainwashing teaching  which come from some of highly paid radical imams and creators of all chaos worldwide. They are turning the Muslim temples into the conspiracy headquarters and they are destroying the whole young generations of people with Muslim roots with seeding the hate and promoting the ideology of violence. Good and bad guys as always and everywhere but this is somehow too much.


After the whole army of young boys came into the Europe from the Middle East,under the excuse they are escaping from Islamic State, the EU has started being breakable. Conservative wanted them out and liberals wanted them in. One hold on the security standards and other believe they must protect humanity. Humanity or its lack, but the fact is that the Middle East is polluted by ignorant European and American policy for years and the fact is that our greedy politicians haven’t solved the  conflicts but brought them on our grounds. Now, the scream of terrorism is in our cities and now we keep  candles for our families.


The forced immigration even from the place which has never been really hit by Islamists caused the failure of our own feeling for security. After Paris, Nice, Orlando, Munich, Istanbul,Brussels and now Berlin…..we know only once: we are not safe anywhere anymore. That is what they wanted to make. The web of fear, mixed with insecurity and untrust in global institutions. After months of letting all immigrants in, before any valid safety background check in, we have imported the virus. In our case, this is Ebola. When Ebola attacks is enough terrible but if you merge Ebola DNA sequences with Smallpox genome, you will get a Chimera virus, new monster, the mutated terrorism. Domestic but inspired with outer influence, born on the local yard but colored with the foreign interests. Some kind of killing mashine to be controlled from a distance.  The question is how we will protect ourselves from it?

The policy of securing the borders is not absence of humanity but rather the rational politics in the era of constant security challenges and threats. Hungary has known it at the beginning of its own fight for border control. When the rest of the world accused Victor Orban for fascism, those who analyze the inputs and outputs in politics have also known that Hungary maybe failed for a moment in showing the humanity but definitely has empowered its own security. You can’t ride the two horses in the same time and if we must chose between security and organized strategy for humanity, then the answer is obvious.At the end of the day, imported terrorism will definitely erase all humanity which we still believe in. Then, we will have only place to import and export pure hatred.


December 19,  2016 will be our new reminder that we are lost in the mist of national and international safety. The Berlin Attack, only 6 days  before  glorious Christmas.The media speculated it is all about truck and definitely nothing about the fanatics who drove into the crowded Christmas Market in the sensible tourist area.  They admitted then it is a terrorist attack and somehow about the same time, like in the perfect swiss watch, the Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Andrey Karlov,  was shot by 22-year-old policeman. The end of the horror day was signed by the shooting near the Islamic Centre in Zurich, like the whole world is burning while 45th president of the US, Donald Trump promises to all of us better security and fight against the terrorism and no tolerance for evil.


The global politics is now behind the tabloid writing, sensational gossip, lack or absence of security measures and definitely with the disturbed relations among people with different religious, social, political and cultural ground. That all could be prevented with the empowered cooperation among intelligence services and exchange of information regarding the potential targets and committers. There is no place and time for cheap points and partial and structural divisions when we know that our children are not anymore safe each time they go out. They are not safe from attack but they are also not safe from circulation of radical ideologies all around. Extremism of each kind is a toxin and it must be cured on time or we will bury ourselves very soon.


Pray for Berlin.Pray for all.



  1. Thank you for writing about this contemporary struggle that we all have to live through and endure!

    This modern terrorism stems from hunger for power rather than from religion itself. As you very well pointed out, terrorists choose to interpret religion any which way they like, as it behooves them to do so. Hence, they use religion as a pretext to achieve their political goals and to come to power !

    Sadly, in so doing, they don’t care about whom they hurt or kill. With perseverance, and with all the good people uniting, justice will prevail!

    Thanks again for your fervor and passion in writing your articles!

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  3. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article
    to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a great read. Thank you for sharing!


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