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“I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is so much fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal of them all.”

-Zodiac Killer

They could be anyone, anywhere. Some of our brothers or sisters, sons or daughters. Simply everyone could be poisoned with seed of evil and be turned into human predator. Serial killers are the image of our society, washed in our sins, colored with our blood and imprinted with our deep hatred. We cant understand them but they don’t ask for it. Long time ago, when they have been young children who tortured neighbor’s kitten nobody took that for a serious sign of future sadism. They screamed for help but none has ever responded.The bad ghost has been released. Our cute kids became the grabbers from the shadow, the cover page for media and the obsession for those who admired in silence.


There are so many scientific research regarding the phenomena of adoration of serial killers and murderers in general. The scientists and experts have almost raced on the highway of urban psychology to confirm or to deny the ideas of each others. How it is possible that people are hungry for information about social predators? Why they enjoy in morbid scenes of crimes and what is the reason for sexual admiration often shown by women towards the subjects of violent acts? It is simply no pure logic about it. It is all about the personal approaches and instincts.

One FBI professional, known as a high skilled profile analyzer, used to believe that people are fascinated by evil more than by anything else. That is always visible when it comes to the crime scene. The massacred body or destroyed the face of the victim. Murder. The signature of pure evil and the public, like in the theater. Without audience, evil wouldn’t have the social echo. ¬†The committers of the violent acts know that and count on it because they are hungry for celebration, admiration and adoration expressed by those who weren’t picked as a victim. Survived. On the other side, those who show the intense interest for crimes which have been made show also the gratitude to the predator that they haven’t been hunted and murdered. It is some kind of silent symbiosis.

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Donato Carrisi, the Italian author and crime novels writer, stated one very original idea about the role of the evil in our world. The good has zero attraction for people. The evil is what makes world goes around. The evil people moves the story ahead, the life itself. It is always some drama about it and without devil who whisperers, the God wouldn’t have what to say. Then, it doesn’t surprise the global popularity of serial killers and their influence on the women especially.


The term¬†hybristophilia has a medical explanation:”¬†A paraphilia in which a person is sexuoerotically attracted to a person who has committed an outrage or a gruesome crime” This applies on both, men and women but according to statistic, women are majority among those who suffer from this syndrome. At the end of the days, ladies are usually ¬†attracted to alpha male, strong wolf and bad boy. Somehow, each of them believe that she ¬†will be ¬†the ONE who will change him for a better and give him the portion of light through the love. Beside that, all women are predestined to be mothers and that is why they have natural drivers to cross the lines and save someone who they love, even if he doesn’t want to be saved. There is a secret hope that after she saves him, he will protect her and gives her the offspring who will have a big chance to survive.The obsession could be formed as passive and aggressive.The first one could be illustrated with serial killer groupies, the women who passionately send letters of support and love to the worst predators behind the bars.They do not make any problem except the fact they keep themselves in delusional space. The second form is known as violent because the women in love with serial killers and murderers are ready to participate in their violence and to cover them and sometimes even to sacrifice for their beloved males:“Some believe hybristophiliacs are submissive victims, while others believe they are ‘narcissist enablers who are attracted to power’.Indeed, many hybristophiliacs seem to be attracted to men behind bars because of their fame and notoriety in the media. Some believe these women are living vicariously through the men and like the thrill and attention.¬†Both passive and aggressive hybristophiliacs tend to end up in abusive or unhealthy relationships”


Maybe it is a thing about the control, the attempt to make new balance of powers if we know that those women usually come from disturbed social environments and unhealthy families. They try to set the rules for their partner (in this case he is a predator) but they are enough safe from a distance. They also long for an attention because they have lived the whole life in the deep darkness and almost condemned by society. Now is a chance for all of them to revenge and to become a dark queen in media. Just to remind that famous Richard Ramirez who killed 13 people got married with Doreen Lioy, one of his admirers from the letters. Ted Bundy, executor of  about 100 people,   married Carole Ann Boone during his controversial trial.Not to mention Charles Manson and  Columbine High shooters who have many  groupies.The scandalous Scott Peterson who killed his pregnant wife has many of marriage proposals and John Wayne Gacy or Clown Man had numerous of women interested in being with him and he even was with one of them who claimed he never did anything wrong. The toxic of dangerous love has never been declared as deadly.


The women’s admiration for this type of violent people is something which modern ¬†psychology still ¬†tries to reach and to define.But, there are also men who are impressed by killers. Maybe not in sexual way as women are but they are interested to get into the twisted minds and to find out where are the limits of sadistic sociopath ambitions. Each of us fascinated with serial murderers would like to discover the borders between human and monster within the proclaimed social monster. What has happened so the prominent husband and father killed the tons of women accused for lack of sexual dignity? Someone once said that vast majority of our population would kill but they are so afraid from the legal consequences. That is still a good encouragement or the total failure of trust in common sense. If they would kill but they are afraid from the law, it means we live in controlled savagery and we pretend that we understand the importance of institutions.


Every person has the unknown darkness within but some falls into that darkness and they can never come back. The problem is that they don’t want to be there alone and they commits crimes and invite others to join to them on the journey with no return. The society must work on reducing the power of their celebrity and through the professional perspective to put their influence into the sadistic box with the sharp judgments from public. Their charisma must be veiled by their sick personality and they must be faceless for all.





  1. Fascinating and riveting writing, Sarah, from beginning to end as in all your writings!

    The author has captured the essence of the human psyche, that of women specifically, behind the “sexual” attraction to such murderers !

    The most apropos part is that those women had a disturbed childhood, which, in my opinion, leaves incurable scars. These scars lead to their imbalanced personality, thirst for violence, and hunger for fame as a means of revenge!

    Hence the need for the emphasis on a harmonious household where the kids can thrive and don’t feel neglected ! Should this requirement be fulfilled, our society would be mentally healthier, and maybe even devoid of mental health issues.

    Thank you, Sarah, for such a wonderful article!


  2. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!


  3. Very good website you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get comments from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!


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