“Despite 2000 years of evolution in modern times, we have still not managed to develop the intelligence to create a society that knows what love is. Our society is still not a civilization, it is still primitive and barbaric.”
― Swami Dhyan Giten 

There is no such a thing as advanced society with primitive customs. That doesn’t apply anywhere.The economical or technological level of development usually changes the perspective of the community and make it more opened and transparent. In any other case,  when the advanced society holds on barbaric rules, we are witnessing that  the developing process is only superficial but not substantial.

The country of SAMSUNG,  GYEONGBOKGUNG PALACE, BUKHANSAN NATIONAL PARK, TRICKEYE MUSEUM, JOGYESA TEMPLE ….incredible South Korea. In spite of closed, despot sister known as   North Korea, the southern beauty is opened to all people and all political and cultural influences. However, when we dig a bit behind the peaceful, sweet surface, we will see the ugly face of this land. Domestic violence, internal social pressure, cultural animosity and highest form of animal cruelty emanated in famous dog meat eating festival, Bok-Nal.


The Bok-Nal  Dog Meat Festival for South Korea is the same what is the Yulin Dog Meat for China. Pagan tradition hidden behind the cultural diversity and justified through the different custom background. In other words, pure savagery which takes place in one so called civilized country in modern times. Embarrassment shouldn’t knock only on door of South Korean people regarding this issue but also on the door of the whole world which didn’t stand up united and didn’t stop this primitive practice. Humanists all over are protesting but vast majority of people close their eyes and find excuses in different cultures and social sensibility.


What is this blood-thirsty festival about? I would rather say that is a kind of shameful parade of human carnivorous who enjoy to  eat dog and cat  meat which is even not recommended to be consumed.Not only that, they believe that after they take such a kind of meat, they will have renewed energy within themselves. According to Examiner journalist Lisa Blanck, the name of the festival Sambok-Boknal means “three dog meat eating  days  :” This slaughter is another ‘tradition’ that concocts an excuse to eat dog and cat meat. This ‘festival’ is touted as a means to ‘fight the heat during the summer.’ Why are dogs eaten then? Because  according to the website Life In Korea, this time period is known throughout the region as the ‘dog days of summer.’ Hence, it appears as if many people in South Korea believe that boiling, butchering, torturing and eating dog and cat meat will lower the temperature of their country. The only thing that is guaranteed to ‘heat up’ are the voices in protest against this abhorrent ‘tradition.’ The dates for this country’s slaughter are based on the lunar calendar and they are on July 13, 23, and August 1 this year.”

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The 14th strongest world economy is one of the most back-warded places for cultivation of the policy against the animal cruelty and animal abuse. The economical progress on one side and total collapse of humanity on another side. South Korea, synonym for technological growth and for deep savagery at the same time.


It is reported that more than 1,000000 dogs and over 1,000 cats are slaughtered and killed each year during this demonic ritual in South Korea. Animal rights activists in South Korea dont give up to work on saving the dogs and cats from the death by educating the dog and cat meat consumers. This is evidently not an easy task for anyone. The tradition is very old and there are generations of people who were raised to believe in the tale  behind the festival. Nami Kim from Save Korean Dogs claimed that this group is working the whole year to reduce the interest of people  in Bok-Nal or at least to increase their awareness about this issue. This is an expensive campaign which includes propaganda materials and face-to-face preach against Dog Meat Festival. The focus is on Seoul – Moran dog meat markets and near city hall. The city pulse  is the highest at the mentioned corners and volunteers are trying to convince the male population over 50 to not eat dog and cat food and to save their health. There are information that meat traders have success mostly with producing Boshintang, known as dog soup. Only one dog brings more than 30 soup bowls.


Some parts of South Korea are started implementing civilization values but the process goes so slowly and the cruel system of belief is still very active and not forbidden or controlled by the goverment. It seems that only job could be done on the ground, literally saving the kidnapped and stolen dogs and cats and release them on freedom. For this kind of heroic activity, there are only local warriors and animal lovers who track the dog meat traders and make sabotage to help to the poor animals. Amazing Marc Ching is a hero of Chinese dogs and cats as well as Nami Kim is the hero of Korean slaughtered pets.

Humane Society International has a serious project with the final purpose to eliminate this bizarre tradition of eating dogs and cats. This organization has a strong base and active approach to the field through the local helpers. They are detecting the dog’s breeding farms across the country and then they visit the farms, rescue the dogs or cats and shut down the facility under the legal strength of their approved strategy.

In April 2016, HSI rescued more than 171 dogs from one dog meat farm in Wonju and brought them in the USA and Canada for a second chance. Andrew Plumbly,the manager of the mentioned group wrote in official website an announcement : “It’s a huge relief to rescue these dogs and get them to safety, knowing that in just a few weeks’ time during Bok Nal, they would likely have ended up being killed and eaten. The conditions on these farms are truly shocking. It’s factory-farming of dogs in row upon row of bare wire cages, filthy with faeces. The dogs live in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety. But the miserable existence they have endured is finally over, and the happy homes that await them in the USA and Canada couldn’t be more different. They will at last get to run and play and know what it feels like to be loved as a family friend.”

Young generations in South Korea condemn this ritual and they fight back the  old pagan rules since many of them have pets by themselves and they have build a pet awareness in the society, at least among the intellectual population.  Some farmers left their dog meat trade just because of their own families and pressure to stop with killing man’s best friends. Some people aren’t even informed in what conditions live dogs on farms and what is really happening behind the famous summer festival. Suffering is somehow secret till the moment of truth being leashed and the community is slapped with its own monstrous habits.

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The pictures of tortured dogs and cats during Bok-Nal are one of those you will never forget once you see them. Poor souls are being slaughtered with no mercy and for something which is even not the part of advanced mankind. For savagery. There are certain steps anyone of us can make to participate in global war against this wave of atrocities towards animals.

The public must be informed about the all disadvantages of this ceremony as well as about medical consequences of eating dogs and cats meat. This civilization must keep insisting on high standards of humanity because without it, the mankind turns into monster’s home.

The painful story about millions of tortured and killed dogs and cats in South Korea is a reminder of our failure as a global community to protect defenseless. Nevertheless, its not late for hope of the world’s soul to be awakened.







    1. Excellent article thank you for your thorough research and for speaking out for these poor animals – Korean governments and Industries need to read this.


  1. You are a rock star with this article! Finally, someone who can lay out the TRUTH and the very real and tangible depravity of a situation that desperately need to change yesterday!


  2. Incredible story! How can humans be savage with no disregard for life just look the other way. It makes me want to ROAR!


    1. Can anyone tell me the exact year this horror appeared on the streets of S.K. Some say back in 1982, but I’m not believing it. Yulin just appeared in 2007, was it? This exact year of imposing “Bok Nal” is important to my research. If you think S.K. is bad, Chi-na is a physical colonization of Hell set up here on Earth. Not only for just the poor animals wherever they “expand”. The monster running N.K. got all of his ideas from the Motherland. To ignore this any longer is to condemn the Earth to a future beyond the horrors of all of the recent Sci-Fi futuristic movie predictions. and on FB is a great gathering place and coordination of information site for the world wide army fighting dog meat in Asia. That army is now HUGE and EVERYONE needs to enlist somewhere and get busy! You just can’t understand how bad the picture really is. Lifting up the rock of Chi- na, the endless procession of hideous creatures that crawl out is mind-numbing. And it starts with looking at the dog meat trade….


  3. Animal cruelty is unacceptable and inhumane behaviour needs to be stopped soon as possible! Devastates me to see this. I am a animal lover they should be cherished and loved not be destroyed. I hope the people who do this go to hell!


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