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“It was narrated that Abu Juhayfah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: ‘The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) cursed the one who does tattoos, and the one who has a tattoo done.'”

-Bukhari (Hadith)

The tattoo as an art. The tattoo as a personal seal. The tattoo is a typical brand of urban modern Western world. Almost everyone has it, almost everyone desires it secretly. The tattoo in its beginnings was nothing but a sign of outlaw spirit and rude pride against the boring codes of the society. Today, the tattoo is a picture of society which opened itself to the deepest levels of human souls and accepted different identities merged into one and flexible.

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Everything what the tattoo presents in the western, it misrepresent in the Islamic civilization. Muslims don’t have tattoos or at least not majority of them. There are some who wear tattoos like their personal brand but they are usually considered as HARAM doers, people who do not follow the religion and its rules. It is very obvious to conclude that tattoo walkers among Muslim people are those who have had problems with the law or who were expelled from the society because of some other act which hasn’t been considered as religious.


However, I find it very interesting that there is no concrete prohibition in the Qur’an Noble about tattoo and body painting. The Hadith is answering on this question and forbidding the body painting, according to the records, because the Prophet Mohammed cursed anyone who has done it or anyone on whom tattoos are done. The reason of it is that, based on Islamic belief, the ¬†tattoo changes the Allah’s creation, covering the reality and offering the deception, ¬†causing the unnecessary pain and possible infection and also trying to imitate the infidels, being as a ” kuffar”. ¬†We are talking here about permanent tattoos which are taken as a major sin by some Muslim scholars while the temporary tattoos are allowed because they do not damage the Allah’s first creation.

What about those kuffar who decided to become Muslims? Some of them have already had so many tattoos that it would be haram to even think of accepting them among believers without tattoos? Now, the situation is a different:

“A person can become a Muslim even if they have had tattoos done to them or if they were involved in tattooing. You can do not have to remove them in order to become a Muslim. You can pray, do wudhu and do all your Islamic duties even if you have tattoos. This is because Islam erases all sins that a non Muslim committed before he or she became a Muslim.

Allah says:Except those who repent and believe (in Islamic Monotheism), and do righteous deeds; for those, Allah will change their sins into good deeds, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful‚ÄĚ

[al-Furqaan 25:70, the Qur’an]

So, if you were born as a Muslim, you have no right to have tattoo unless you are so far away from your own religion. But, even in that case you  can pray and ask Allah for mercy and forgiveness under the explanation that you were in the days of Jahilia (ignorance). If you were born as a kafir and you were inspired by tattoos but you have suddenly found yourself in Islam, your sins before accepting of Islam will be erased.


Killed ISIS terrorist with tattoo

The book of sins is opened when the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS-DAESH) became the terrorist organization number one. They took religion in their hands and modified it so perfectly that everything can serve their sick and demonic needs. Over ¬†the night, they turned what was ¬† permitted in that ¬†what is forbidden and everything what was allowed in something which is punishable. It was some kind of surgery in the religion. Chopping of the holy book and making the puzzles of replies they found acceptable for them. Torturing and killing those who don’t think like them and transforming themselves into pure Satanic cult who lives on innocent’s blood. The Islamic State. The Phantom of the Middle East. For the Westerners, it is the product of the violent liberated Islam and its hungry aggressive ¬†daughter, the Shari’ah Law. For the Muslims, it is an offspring of Western plots against Arabians and the excuse for taking the national resources with no limits. For victims, it is one and only EVIL, at this moment, unstoppable.The Islamic State by itself has caused so many ¬†political, social and economical ¬†tectonic changes with wide range that the whole world is paying the price now. Uncontrolled mass migration from the war zones into the kuffar lands, unsolved integration of those who survived the “refugee road of thorns”, ¬†¬†export¬†and import¬†of jihadism ¬†with the “Blitz Krieg” hits, the constant fears of believers from unbelievers on the both side. The ¬†failed international politics and the grin of the inhumanity which crawls into our hearts like the invisible poison snake.

Peshawar, Pakistan ¬†December 16, 2012, the Pakistani army killed some of the Taliban militants,‚ÄúTehreek e Taliban Pakistan‚ÄĚ (TTP), ¬†who attacked the local Airport. Nothing for us to be surprised. But, anyway, the Muslim main stream media was talking for the days about one killed terrorist who had the interesting tattoo on his back. The demonic skull, inspired by a work of ¬†legendary Peruvian tattoo artist,¬†Boris Vallejo.His art style is specific therefor he combines the elements of dark fantasy with glorious of demonic creatures with erotic attributes.:“The original image was drawn by Peruvian artist Boris Vallejo and is offered for tattooing by several tattoo shops in USA. The artist currently lives in USA and for $30, you can get a signed copy of this drawing (Item Code: B-477) entitled ‘Demon Hands’ from his website.”¬†The Pakistani counter- terrorism experts were shocked because the tattoo of suck a kind was found on the back of Uzbek’s paid soldier, terrorist. After they consulted the local tattoo artist, he recognized the unfinished tattoo as a copy of famous Boris Vallejo dream work. The message of it was visually very demonic but from behind it was the voice of someone who defeats death no matter what.Usually, these kinds of tattoos are welcomed among ¬†criminals, paid recruited killers, and sometimes even among underground rock stars. This Uzbek was definitely not an underground rock star but probably the killer with a reputation of someone who fights for money. In the Central Asia, it is enough to offer¬†$300 and you will have a skilled Uzbek fighter, who is the best if you compare with available¬†Tajiks and ¬†Gorkhas.


Demon hands- by Boris Vallejo

What about Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters? Since their organizations are based on the recruiters and converts, it is logical that many of them have tattoos. For those who lead jihad, it is forbidden to have any tattoo design on their bodies but if they are fresh Islamists, their sins are forgiven and the tattoo only helped to identify them. That was the case with  converted American Troy Kastigar, 28,who was killed in Somalia fighting for a terrorist group  al-Shabab. Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, his basketball friend, who also had a tattoo and were killed why he was fighting on the ISIS side. The both of young men were from Minneapolis.The paid fighters from Western societies who accept what ISIS offers for sure will have tattoos and there was a hoax who is financing them and who they work for!? The mystery will never be revealed.


Troy Kastigar, 28- American convert


Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33 – ISIS warrior, American convert

If the ISIS is following so passionately Islam, why it allows that someone who has body paintings fight in the jihad when that part is strictly not allowed. The ISIS is buying the fighters for its own ideology. Trouble making converts who come to kill are nothing but killers with a financial goal. They are not coming to accept Islam but money. On the another side, the terrorists of the Islamic State can always justify their choice of “western killers” among brothers as the sign that Allah forgave all, even the tattoos.

As long as the jihadists have available funds, they will be free to organize their terror fake  state, to buy fighters with tattoos and to give donations to those who will blow up themselves in some happy kuffar country. There is no much philosophy about the ISIS rules. They are making and breaking them. As they need and as they want. For them, being kafir or Muslim it is the same. If you do not follow the ISIS, you are dead anyway.  All that is important for them is money, wrapped into petrol dollars. The same dollars which are the passion of every players on the global chess table. Not a big difference between all of them.

God doesnt exist for those who claim to kill for God with hands paid by dollars. God left the people long time ago, seeing how they are greedy and pathetic. The symbolic meaning of the mentioned tattoo of Uzbek militant ¬†named as ¬†“Demon hands” says all. There are no God hands which bring death.

The Islamic Terrorism called Sheitan to play the final  game.





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    JC Hannaart


  2. Mlada Sova,
    My entrance to Twitter is blocked. Since Sunday because I placed video’s made in mosques, were was said kaffirs should be nuked. Can you make some noise about it? I am not willing to unveil my wherabouts to Twitter. They suggested the block might be removed if I give Twitter my Phone nr..
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