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“It’s just that we can’t see the women to see if they are beautiful. But we can see the boys, and so we can tell which of them is beautiful. “

An Afghani fighter 


It is not about me being obsessed with Afghanistan and its hidden tragedy of untold heartbreaking stories, it is about the reality of horror which is happening over there. Behind  the mountains,  in  empty and  ruined cities, in barely alive villages, among people who do not know where they belong, who they should follow and what they should do.

The fragile Afghanistan society which inherited the devastated after-war economy  and residues   of  failed Taliban’s Islam, is facing up on daily basis with the international pressure to make proper consolidation but also with the constant threat of some still active Talibans from the peripheral parts. These are visible problems and they are well known. They could be solved and sometimes they will be. The real problems are those what are not distinct  but rather latent. We could understand them as undiagnosed  disease ready to eat up our body when the time comes. The same is with Afghanistan. It is recovering outside  but the inner soul of this country is bitten   by so many mad dogs of war, crimes, violence and religious delusion.

The homosexuality in Muslim societies is considered as a highest sin and also as a perverted behavior but that doesn’t mean this phenomena is not the part of Muslim  pathological social folklore, protected by many layers of excuses and covers, homosexuality often goes together with pedophile acts and merged into one challenging difficulty.  If we open the book of nightmares in Afghanistan, we will see that among so many injured people and    broken women’s rights, the chapter of BACHA BAZI is a crucial for understanding  the level of social abnormality in this Muslim state. The mentioned term will lead us also to process of analyzing the homosexuality in general,  through the Islamic prism.

What or who is BACHA BAZI? The word comes from Farsi language, the official language of Iran( Farsi: بچه بازی‎‎, literally “boy play” بچه bacha is a  “child”, and بازی bāzī is a “game”) but in this context it is a slang in Afghanistan, used to describe the wide range of sexual perverted relations between older people and children, usually young boys.The picturesque Persian language uses Bacha Baz as a term for any pedophile who uses  the young innocent boys  for sexual pleasures, prostitution, pornography, slavery and very often even for many forms of sexual orgies. The occurrence like this has been remarked in history of many countries in Central Asia and it is a typical dress for pederasty and child molestation with special interest for abuse of boys.


Nowadays, this event has  upgraded  shape. Under the boy who plays we should imagine some cute small boy from age 10-15, who wear the clothes of girls and he is forced to dance so desirable in the front of sexual hungry old predators, to entertain them and excite them.We know what comes after the sexual raptors are enough turned on.The eternal suffer for young boys, who are mainly orphans or grabbed out from the poor families. Taken for a pleasure of old rich masters of their destinies.The closed and strict Afghanistan society has always respected Islamic rules and implemented  hard rules for people to obey, almost regarding everything. The sexual relations before or outside marriages are not allowed and they are punished. Aggressive sexual  Afghani males were looking for some kind of vent, possibility to relieve their sinful thoughts and desires and to run away from the powerful Islamic codex. They discovered the Bacha Baz fun. It is alwasy about the financial power. The Bacha Baz relaxation is not for poor people but poor people sell their children to those who are rich so they could   have fun,for the money they paid. Afghani politicians, Government officers, law enforcement representatives, corrupted clerks, perverted clerics….the list is without end. Everyone who has money but has no chance for sexual relief. The Bacha Baz institution of shame works perfectly for all of them. It is like a parallel market of sex in the society which has a problem to allow sexuality or at least not to punish it.In last 20 years or more, there are so many abounded young boys on the street. They are begging for a food and shelter, just to survive. Many of them are amazingly beautiful and hunters for sexual pleasures of rich elite, don’t waste time. They pick them up with the fairy tale promises that they will house them and educate them. At the end of the day, they do not need to convince poor children. When the stomach is empty, everything sounds like a heaven. The chosen boys are taken by hunters and delivered to masters of sexual parties, some kind of event managers. Then they train them to dance seductively, they teach them how to wear women’s dress in provocative way, how to move themselves in the way that the males will be interested to pay for more fun and concrete sexual pleasure. They all think anyway that  women are for children and  boys are for pleasure. The war lords are usually the richest and they have all possible structural protection.The more is society corrupted, the less is a chance for law to be called and implemented. There were attempts of some humanitarian workers to address this problem in Afghanistan, but their efforts were gone in the dusty wind. None talks about pedophilia or even if talks, it is not understood as a crime but as a sign of successful individual who has a boy harem. Some masters have even 10 boys who they keep in house and feed and dress, but the dark reality is that those boys are sexual slaves. Their beauty is a temptation not only for their master, also for potential users of their service, abusers:“Dr Soraya Sobhrang, who led an nation-wide investigation into the practice for the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission,says ‘The practice, known as ‘bacha bazi’, is ‘shameful’.Nobody admitted to us they were bacha bereesh. They don’t want to talk about it. If they want to marry, nobody can know. No family wants to give their daughter to these people.In any other country it would be considered pedophilia. In Afghanistan, however, the perpetrators have been protected by the police, scared to upset the powerful warlords and businessmen”   Sometimes the help which police gives in covering of this disgraceful project is awarded and  the highest  police officers can enjoy in beautiful boys.Even American soldiers and Marines were warned not to intervene when they notice the abuse of young boys because it is a local culture and they have nothing to do with. Not all Americans are deaf and blind on boy’s suffer. Captain Quinn ruined his military career after he stood up against one commander who kept a boy chained to his bed as a sex slave. Dan Quinn stood up and beat up that man but he was punished by losing his position and being removed from military.Charles Martland, a Special Force member, was also fighting the battle to save his career after he beat up one sexual master. The imperative of the US army is to not react in such  a case what is under domestic Afghan criminal law. They use an excuse that they are helping to the local law enforcement to fight Talibans and they are not sent to solve the local traditional anomalies. In other words, the primary goal is counter terrorism project without dealing with deviant forms of society. The government is trying to solve this problem but it seems that they are more interested in punishing so called non-Islamic behavior in public, than to open the painful book of young boys suffering. It is interesting to see how they believe that they do not make any sin, according to Islam. They are not homosexuals. Why?They do not feel love for boys. The dangerous hypocritical zone we  have entered in is not from yesterday, It is built by years, by corrupted people, sexual pathology and deviated religious explanations. According to Hadith, there is a typical response to the homosexuality:“Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to.” The both partners should be punished: active and passive. Something similar comes from Qur’an(4:16), in translation of Yusuf Ali:“If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone” It is so obvious that official Islam has no understanding for homosexuality at all and Shari’ah Law punishes by death this form of sexuality, with no mercy. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran are very loyal to this obey. On the other side, the phantom state of ISIS  started torturing  and executing homosexuals  but Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared a special  fatwa in 2015 allowing his beloved  Mujahideen to “enjoy” young boys if women were not available.  The similar  paradox is when we come to the  eternal life in Islam as it is stated in one religious website:“Interestingly, the same rules don’t seem to apply in paradise, where martyrs for the cause of Allah enjoy an orgy of virgins and ‘perpetual youth’ Qur’an (56:17) (otherwise known as ‘boys’ Qur’an( 52:24). Qur’an(76:19) bluntly states, ‘And immortal boys will circulate among them, when you see them you will count them as scattered pearls.’ Technically, the mere presence of boys doesn’t necessarily mean sex, however it is strongly implied from the particular emphasis on the effeminacy,  handsomeness and ‘freshness’ of the boys.”


Homosexuality is a sin towards Islam. Sins are punished. At least some of them are, unless they are committed by some exclusive people. Their sins are immediately vanished or turned into blessings by money they inject into corrupted poor societies. The tragic story about Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan is more than a story, it is a destiny of innocent young boys, children  who cry for our help, whose precious souls are dying every day under dirty touches of Allah’s monsters.

While I am writing this prayer for them, some boy is abused and injured in sexual perverted games in far away Afghanistan, where the sun never shines. Maybe he is even killed. Burred. Forever forgotten. His name was never his real name. He was always just the boy who dances…the last dance for wolves.



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  2. The ‘religious website’ quotes about the Holy Qur’an are wrong and so are the interpretations. Please consult an Imam to get the correct interpretation and do some more research before you use such websites in your article.


    1. Even if the ‘religious quotes’ are wrong, how about you read the article again and look at the bigger picture here: children are being sexually abused. I’m Muslim myself and I feel that there are so many small minded people like you who house your brains in very small closed boxes. Open your eyes. She was clearly talking about child abuse and from this entire article you choose to focus on a small part. Why don’t you spread some positivity in the world with YOUR great version of the scripture instead of correcting someone else on theirs??????

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  3. This article is very hard to read. I know this type of child abuse exists in all cultures and religions, but my question is WHY? What is wrong with this world? How such men are quick to protect their own kids, but feel its ok to do this to other kids. Kids are kids no mattee how rich or poor and those abusers deserve to be punished and put in jail for good…where I hope they themselves are raped. I understand 2 wrongs dont make a right, but people like that disgust me beyond belief.


  4. This is so sad. I just find out about this hideous news and i did more research , what i have been reading and your article (which I consider one of the best regarding this ) it just makes me realize how evil humans can be against each other. But when it concerns acts against children this is just despicable!!! I wonder myself what can it be done to expose this horrible and sad truth. These children are silently crying out for help, Please lets do something.


    1. What can we do? This abuse is so deeply embedded in all Muslim societies that unless there is a massive fundamental change in all of Islam, then this abuse of boys will continue. It was part of the culture during the reign of Alexander the Great, and it is still part of Islamic culture today. As the famous saying in Islam voes, “women are for bearing children, but boys are for pleasure.” Until that changes, and women are treated as equals and not property, then Islam will continue to engage in the practice of Bacha back with young boys.

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  5. In accordance with the Isaiah 17 and Psalms 83 prophecies, both Israel and various Arab/Muslim nations will suffer nuclear destruction in God’s judgements against them. This will likely happen in MAY 2022. The start of the REAL end-times before God’s Kingdom comes in Fall 2030. In 2024, at the start of the Tribulation period, a Prophet will come to warn the world of USA’s (Babylon) destruction and the Wormwood comet causing world-wide destruction via a tremendous earthquake. Both will happen in 2026. Then the Great Tribulation (2027-2030) of the AntiChrist who will suffer eventual defeat in Armageddon. BUT the Prophet will call all the saints to Judea for protection from the world-wide destruction coming in 2026. These will be the people who repopulate the earth during Christ’s Millennial reign.


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