JIHADISTS IN THE BUDGET’S NIGHTMARE: when dollars are more important than Allah




There is almost nothing impossible to be achieved when you have money. When you don’t have money, your own faith and creativity is leading you or the absence of those qualities, make you done.  The same is with the terrorism, especially with the Islamic terrorism, which feeds itself from many sources and it looks like that Islamic terrorists believe and act like they have  a golden magical bag, full of endless money. If we recall the pictures  of their arrogantly behavior in last  few years and how they were dealing with money, throwing it on the ground literally and showing to the world that  their Islam doesn’t care about the western hypocritical materialist world, we must conclude that some things have been changed recently. No more luxury. No more spending money on the things they have never really wanted or needed. No more demolishing of rational economical approach.No more salaries after salaries and before salaries. No more money. ISIS becomes broken, crashed, limited, afraid. It is funny but as I wrote in my previous articles regarding this issue, only serious lack of financial means can stop terrorism for sure. That is a logic conclusion. How could anyone do something without being supported by our lovely $$$? Not a chance. Screw the tap and you will finish the problem. Sadly, there are so many of them who have interests on this battle ground and their dollars bring them better position on that chess table of international politics, security and suffer. The Islamic State is only the user of money and blind executor. Without money. the fake state is one big nothing. Pathetic attempt of copying the real state.

Last month, the ISIS came out with one crying decree under the name “Bayt Mal al-Muslimeen” “ and they tried to explain the all reasons for halving salaries for jihadists. Among many of angry and potential excuses, there are some which sound like the cheep prepared speech of general manager of some dying  company in communist countries. Exceptional circumstances. Almost the whole chapter of ISIS financial madness. The air strikes from the anti-ISIS coalition were supposed to damage the infrastructure of this terrorist state and also to stop the fluctuations of oil as well as the transfer of it and selling or exchange for another demanding resources. The coalition air-strikes  hit the Omar oilfields which are very important for ISIS being provided with oil on daily basis.  Every new day and air-strikes bring more real problems for militants because they are facing up with less possibilities to use the natural advantages of oil rich country and to mobilize it as a  terrorism fuel. As money is vanishing, the moral is getting so low. Think about 50% of salaries down in so called state, where the currency and its value depends on small group of people who believe they do big things for Allah. Civil servants and militants are on the same level now. Stuck with lack of money they used to get and to deal with. In Iraq, place where jihadists were trying to make their own silver-golden dinar and then decided that is better to express all in dollars, there is no anymore benefits for fighters, promised meals and drinks, stimulated additional money, paid apartments and cars and sometimes even flights. That is a memory now. They reduced all and they are planing more of those measures. They want to save money or at least they do not want to spend on irrational things. The digital propaganda and recruitment of the Islamic State is very expensive but they insist to fight back the dark web limitations. They need to be heard worldwide so the potential supporters would find them and join them. I am not sure how they will present themselves now when money is not a problem  because there is no money. It is so interesting to follow how the ideology burnt into the ash of broken hopes which aren’t covered by dollars. All of those super young and super courageous jihadists who imagined paradise into the Iraqi sand are easily awaking and facing up with ruined reality, without any paradise but with the fire of hell and poverty. But, at the end of the day, aren’t they fighting for Allah? For eternal life? They do believe in jihad against infidels. How ironic. All they believe in is not Allah or any other God, but maybe His Excellency, Dollar.Dollar is only God for those believers. Hiding behind religion and searching for excuses of killing others because God wants that is empty story without any ground. Those people who are leading this project of ISIS  love money above all  and they are professional killers. They are manipulative and they know how to make weak and brainwashed people to work for them and their own interests and for small amount of money, sometimes even without that. Volunteering for Allah is the second option for ISIS masters of disasters. Maybe they will convince some of them but many of them will try to run away once the salary in not on time or not at all there. Loosing territories in Syria and Iraq, together with oil benefits on black market,  ISIS is thinking of alternative oil network in Libya but that also wont be so easy as they were thinking. Anti-ISIS coalition hits good targets and it will do that as long as they have interests. They could have demolished ISIS story at the beginning if they really wanted and it is more than obvious that the US administration didn’t want to count on the wrong player so they did need a time to decide who to support and who to eliminate. It is not about terrorism anymore, it is about one hypocritical, failed  ME policy which is   non-consolidated for years. Everyone wants oil. Someone has it, someone fight for it and someone kills for it. Anyone is a victim but that is a price of global politics and cruel game among those who have and desire more and those who have nothing but desire to keep that nothing.


The Islamic State becomes a parody of itself. Once scaring phenomena , now ridiculously union of terrorists who don’t know what to do else to get money,to pay their bills and live their jihad.We all know that Allah is far away from their pockets and their thoughts. It is just a matter of time when they will realize that their project of greedy terrorist state is failed for all times. But, not only theirs, also the whole international diplomacy died in the ruins of The Middle East. Everyone sold everything for a fistful of dollars.

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