The Shaheed never dies but everyone else does”


“And do not say of those who are slain in the way of Allah that they are dead. Instead, they are alive, but you perceive not.” (2:154)
وَلَا تَقُولُوا لِمَنْ يُقْتَلُ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ أَمْوَاتٌ’

بَلْ أَحْيَاءٌ وَلَٰكِنْ لَا تَشْعُرُونَ

After Paris attack in November, 13th 2015, when the whole world remains silent and sad, because there were and still there are no words to describe the horror  in Paris that  Friday night, caused by  terrorists of ISIL-ISIS-DAESH, we are facing up, more and more, with the increasing threat of suicide terrorism. That kind of terrorism is not a new phenomena but it is becoming popular among Islamists and reasons for it, should be found in Islam and holy book Qur’an. I don’t want to judge to all Muslims by their sacred religious texts, not at all. I am aware that one book could be understood in many different ways and when we come to the religious based books, the risk of malign interpretation and abuse is  bigger. All I want in this overview is to make this term of suicide terrorism easier for consideration and to help people to chase away all fears because the atmosphere of constant fear is the ticket of success for terrorists.

When Islamic terrorists invite Muslims to join to their fight against the rest of the world and for jihad, they usually emphasize in their video announcements that only those who are special could be chosen for the act of martyrdom or how they also call it in Arabic, istisshad or shahada. That exclusively statement obviously intrigues many young non-integrated and non-fulfilled Muslims who are the easiest target for soul hunters. Lets see now  who is that shahid? The term originally is شهيد so we use that phrase SHAHEED but it presents a Muslim person(martyr, witness)  who died for a religious commandment, for achieving Islamic goals, for fighting for jihad and political as well as military expansion of Islamic religion.  Because of the fact that Islam is 51 % based on political ideology and about 49% on religious one, we must keep on mind that the  shaheeds  quotes have very important place in Muslim world.

Shaykh Gibril Haddad writes that there are 5 kinds of martyrs:”One who dies of plague; one who dies of a disease of the stomach or intestines; one who drowns; one who is crushed in a collapsing building; and one who is martyred in the way of Allah.” [al-Bukhari, Muslim, Malik]


I would say that the first four definition of people who can be shaheeds are more in religious area than in political. The last one, that one who dies for Allah’s sake and His name, he is shaheed and His Lord gives him all blessings, that is the one we need to focus on. That is the one very controversial quote and also very simple to be misused in daily indoctrination propaganda.

That indoctrination begins with the promising of awards for anyone who dies for Allah’s name. You dont need this life, you need this life only to go to another life, to satisfy your Lord and to bring the best to your religion. How? Becoming a shaheed. Becoming a one who wrote Allah’s name with his own blood and blood of all others he sacrificed for his own selfish reasons. To meet paradise. To stay in paradise or to die as many times as it is possible to obtain all praises. Islam is teaching us about  rewards for a shaheed: That his blood will smell of musk; The most beloved to Allah;That he has a wish to come on this world and be killed again:”“I would love to be martyred in Allah’s Cause and then get resurrected and then get martyred, and then get resurrected again and then get martyred and then get resurrected again and then get martyred.”Bukhari(52:54);  He sees the highest part of the Paradise; The souls of the shaheeds are in the hearts of green birds, they are free;Special favors for the shaheeds.This reward is one which is the most exploited among islamists to attract new jihadists followers.Why?Because it promises all blessings to the person who dies for Allah’s sake. His sins are forgiven and he will have the best place in that paradise and will be married to the  72 beautiful women (Hoor-al-Ain).It seems that all what is somehow forbidden in this life is allowed in eternal life, but only for those who have given their lives for the sake of Allah and Islam. They deserve all and they will get all, as religious ideologist are preaching and fanatics have taken for granted and misuse it on daily basis. Those rewards are made to stimulate Muslims, so they can be ready to easily give up on this Earth paradise for some promised eternal.But, suicide as itself is not approved unless it is a method to kill Allah’s enemies. Then, it is not anymore an ordinary suicide but important holy martyrdom. Ticket for a heaven and all beauty of it is to kill and to be killed for Allah. As far as we read this, Allah sounds like a dark god, with no love but only with anger and revenge. In spite of Christianity where Jesus gave his life  for the  followers, Prophet Mohammad requests that his followers kill for him and for His God.It is not surprising then that those segments of Qur’an are among the most misused in political and religious mobilization.

Finally we come to the ISIL-ISIS-DAESH propaganda regarding martyrdom. If it is not tragic for humanity, it would be  more than a funny to conclude that so called Islamic Caliphate made a brand of itself. They are almost like shadows,  but with fans all over the world, who would end their lives for empty promises of some people who are so far away from any light. They would kill themselves and many others, just because one ancient story sounded like reality.We could be confused because this is pure madness but also pure logical and calculative  abuse of mentally unstable people to be launched into Islamic mission. DAESH soul hunters can smell weakness in their potential victims, they can feel that those potential victims are lost. They are out of system, never fully accepted in society. They are shadows and they will be accepted into the shadow.No life. No regret. Only hope that Allah will be give them things they have never had or they have never felt. Allah wont give them that but DAESH will use that rhetoric to bring them all together.To teach them to say good bye to their free minds and to learn how to believe without questioning. That is one strong propaganda. DAESH picks leader and leaders pick his own sheep.One man, who liked for  people  to think he was one of the former DAESH intelligence analyst, wrote somewhere that jihadists choose during clerical classes if they will be “lead” to the shaheeds school, because it is not for everyone, it is a honor for chosen Muslim.Making it  being exclusive right of some special islamists, DAESH put the martyrdom chapter on the top of its sick ideology. It is some kind of fuel for the ship on the river with no turn.  But, before all preparation for the suicide terrorism starts, DAESH organized some kind of battalions, according to the people ability to understand languages.Many of recruited don’t speak Arabic at all. Arabic language is the core language of Islam. So they were divided into Russian, French and English brigade. It wasn’t easy for DAESH to keep them united when there were no ethnically or historically element which could be used as the main ingredient of one coexistent caliphate military machinery. However, DAESH like thinking of itself as about state, so it tried to make state organisation, which is failed in every way, according to the western attributes of the state. That is why they made their own intelligence service. I couldn’t believe how is possible for terrorists to have spies- AMNIYAT. Try to imagine how that service looks like. It is almost like a parallel state. Amn al-Askari is military intelligence service, which one branch is working like DAESH foreign intelligence service. Those people are almost professional spies, adapted to security risks and they are controlling the enemy strategies, find recruiting  possibilities and mobilize the potential shaheeds. They involve them into the network and train them with no mercy. Job must be fulfilled  100% successful or that shaheed will die from a sword of another Muslim. It is interesting to mention that among operatives  of DAESH are Syrians and Iraqi people but their chiefs are mostly Palestinians from Gaza.Traveling and meeting potential followers, they are also spreading their ideology and popularity. About the popularity, DAESH became very attractive to the women jihadists who want to die for Allah. This is so new for this terrorist group, because in the beginning, they believed that women distract men from the sacred mission. Statistic says that 1 of 10 people who are going to join to the DAESH are women. They are more aggressive than male jihadists and this cult of Black widows is pretending to absorb the primary ideas of Islam. In new DAESH terrorism, males and females are on the same level and they are fighting for the same goal.Against kafirs.Against us. They are teaching their children to hate us before they teach them to love their own family.


Then, there is no problem to indoctrinate whoever you want as long as he/she is in the shadows of the society lives in. Then you come with the wizard’s vocabulary and promises you can sell fast. You are offering them eternal heaven for giving up on limited sinful earth life.You are giving them fake chance to feel worth of something, of someone, of God, of their Allah, who abounded them. You promise them that Allah will love them again. They accept. They are again loved children of Him. All they need to do is to kill themselves while they are killing non-believers. You sold your death cult brand, they are dead. Not only them, but all of those who were in the wrong place in the wrong time. There is no right time for death. There is no God who hates his children. There is only ideology who mobilize the point of interests and misuse it for some material goals. There are only people who hate other people and want to enslave them, to kill them. Terrorism is a disease. Disease need to be cured after it is diagnosed.

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