Ebola -QUEEN of deadly viruses

The era in which we live is known for its technological progress , rapid development of all branches of science as well as the big global movement of people . In the course of just one day , it is possible to get from one continent to another , bringing new dreams , new ambitions , but also some new or old forgotten viruses . Mankind has progressed to such an extent that it has become arrogant and blind , and selfishness is replaced the  concern for the world around us , so nature became the first victim of human negligence and greed , to get all things and to rule them all .

And then , suddenly , a new disaster occurs as a reminder that nature sends . New disaster may be bad weather conditions and disease that has no cure and which is rapidly expanding, and only then does the wild face of our planet mercilessly strikes back .

These days, the media can clearly feel the panic and fear that colors its reporting a virus which attacks West Africa , without mercy. Ebola woke up again and this time disturbs Guinea, and   threatening  other African countries in the neighborhood , which  are unprepared to cope with this devastating disease.

Filovirus is Ebola virus that causes acute hemorrhagic fever and infectious with a mortality of up to 90 % . This virus consists of 7 different proteins – the molecules , the first three are partially trained while the other four are still a mystery for scientists all over the world . Ebola fast attacks and quick kills , “How Ebola goes through you , your immune system decline and lose the ability to respond to viral attack. Your body becomes a city under siege , whose gates were wide open and the enemy army advancing in, asking camping in public squares and burning everything in sight , from the moment when Ebola gets into your bloodstream war is already lost , you are condemned to death . You can not fight with Ebola in a way that is struggling with a cold ,¬† for what Ebola does in ten days , AIDS is required ten years. ”

Ebola virus is generally named after the Ebola river in Northern Zaire, but there is as Ebola Sudan, Ebola Zaire and Ebola Reston (Ebola U.S.).

In 1976. year, in July, the Ebola broke out in southern Sudan. The death rate went up to 50%, equivalent to that which caused the plague in the Middle Ages. This type of Ebola was worse than Marburg but less dangerous than their sisters Zaire. In this swing-type virus Sudanese destroyed several hundred people in Central Africa, but also pulled, suddenly as it had appeared. Science journalist Richard Preston wrote in his book, which also deals with Ebola, Ebola Sudan that disappeared just because it is a very deadly and has killed people so fast that they simply did not have the time or opportunity to infect others. And of course, a mitigating circumstance was that the virus is not transmitted through the air, and thus the degree of infection was lower because only the infected blood was a way of spreading the virus….

In September ¬†1976. , Ebola Zaire began to shake in a way that spreads like flames , taking many lives. Ebola is of such a nature that combines the elements of a bad cold , due to a rash that causes the body resembles smallpox , a psychosis in people are similar to those generated by the rabies virus . With such a structure , ¬†Ebola virus turned Zaire ¬†into a slaughterhouse . This virus is specific in every way and the perfect parasite that turns its host into a pulp virus particles , ready at any moment to move on. Ebola has seven mysterious protein chains , which are a kind of aggressive machine that multiplies viruses , by consuming a healthy body , turning it into a sick landfill. All of the starting time in the body , after the entry of the virus , blood clots occur in the blood , and then slows down blood clots leading to said tiling of walls of blood vessels , forming a sort of mosaic lethal that leads to circulatory congestion and capillaries . Each preventing blood freely supplies the body organs and cause further occurrence of dead pieces of tissue in the brain region , but also in the region of the lungs , abdomen and genitals. Internal disintegration and causes changes in the skin surface , which becomes covered with red spots , as well as consequences of the subcutaneous bleeding . Ebola has a devastating effect for these reasons that the virus is aimed at the destruction of connective tissue and collagen that keeps the skin all over . When collagen becomes a viral fluid , the system can divide the internal organs and the whole body slowly losing the battle . It is recorded on the external level , the skin is torn by cracks leaking blood that can not be stopped . From each hole flows living water tank and new columns virus particles that are looking for a fresh host. Only one drop of ” a processed blood ” includes the individual to one million copies of the virus . Hence the blood or secretions of any patient by way of transmission of Ebola , and confirmed the same survival mechanism .

Military experts believe that the Ebola Zaire is suitable to be used as a biological weapon because it brings great mortality and dispersed by aerosol , in the form of a 500 hundred implacable molecular shark , it becomes worse than plutonium but also more efficient . Of course , the debate here is not closing because the use of Ebola Zaire as a biological agent means a professional knowledge of handling the same , which can not boast of a large number of terrorists or lone anti – systemic minded fanatics .

Ebola Reston Ebola that hit the U.S. warehouse monkeys in Reston, Virginia , just 15 kilometers west of the capital and is obliterated  by effective action military epidemiological service of the United States, in 1989. year. It is said  that the virus arrived here from the Philippines , through the container with infected monkeys .

What is most puzzling is the inability to determine the occurrence of a natural reservoir of the virus , which would create space for exploration and discovery potential vaccines and serum , based on the identification of patient zero or vectors . Ebola is sometimes difficult to distinguish from Lassa fever and Marburg virus , and thus the risk is higher because it is necessary to test samples in order to know about what micro resident is about which requires additional time and resources , what is not so easy for poor and hurt regions  in Africa .

Fortunately, Ebola has not yet made a final breakthrough into the human species. It is rather isolated micro ‚Äď than¬† a notable global pandemics or epidemics, but it’s enough to know what she can and that we are aware of what we can not. It can take up to nine-tenths of infected people and we’re not even close to the discovery of a vaccine or cure. With each suffering from an Angry virus , it becomes clear that when the Ebola wakes up, we do not have much sleep ….


3 thoughts on “Ebola -QUEEN of deadly viruses

  1. Nice article. Enjoyed the analogy of the virus being an Enemy at the Gates and taking over a city. Didn’t know there were so many types of Ebola as well.


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