I know I have written a lot about natural disasters and the outcome of global climate changes. However, the catastrophe is never gone but always refreshed. The beautiful nature and wildlife suffers only because of human greed and megalomaniac behavior.

Instead of international response to the debated climate changes we have gotten the ignorant governments all over that do nothing to solve the burning issues in ecology and to stop further demolition of the ecosystem.

The last example is Australia with the bushfires that are the worst in the known history of civilization. The whole continent is hit by terrible domino effect of fires that have endangered human and animal lives. The statistic is more than dark because millions of animals have been perished, 6 million hectares of land has been destroyed , thousand of people have been evacuated and the horror is to be continued.

I am broken and devastated to see poor animals who are burning in the unstoppable fires and people who risk their lives to help them … and what is even worse, the rest of the world seems to be not so much interested in this tragedy! In the middle of fire crisis, some countries organizes fireworks due to the New Year’s Eve and nobody is really thinking of consequences. Personally, I find the whole thing with firework totally backward and I wish it could be banned. The show is everything but nothing and simply the proof that we are still holding on our primitive roots. In the modern age, this is out of any common sense and against the nature, wildlife and mental peace of people. The celebration could be organized in so many great ways but not in this utterly damaging.

At this moment, we need to unite our differences and to empower our similarities to get things done for Australia. We are now one and we need to help as much as we can. Everyone can do something and anything is always everything when the big nothing comes.

Think of it!

For Australia! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🙏