“Allow me, in these times of spiritual torment
To offer you, my countrymen,
From my incarceration my best wishes
On this great holiday of spring!

All will pass and all will go away,
Our sorrows and alarm will fade,
Once again life’s road will be smooth
As in the past, the garden will blossom forth.

We’ll call upon our reason to assist us,
To rid this malady with our power of expertise
Thus, these times of profound ordeals and tribulations
We’ll all survive as one family united.

Indeed, we will be purified and wiser,
Not giving in to gloom and fear,
We’ll take heart and draw closer
And be more kind to each other.

May our festive table once again
Be our joy and happiness in life,
May the Almighty send us on this day
A morsel of happiness to each and every home.”

A. Pushkin Poem About Cholera, 1827.


If not earlier, we have learnt how to live with and under masks in this 2020 year. It is definitely not the greatest year ever because it changed the whole direction of our lives and hopes, but it has given us many new and useful lessons. Since the beginning of Corona virus´s pandemics, we live in some kind of frozen bubble of expectations. The tiny and invisible enemy has proven that size doesn’t decide the power and that one microbe, without such a powerful technology and advanced civilization, has all needed to conquer the greedy mankind. The simple kind of crystal life form has challenged the human race that believed to own the whole universe. It is not about virus but rather about who we are, with or without mask.

In the altar of our broken hopes in 2020, we could add the lost humanity, rise of evil and selfish feelings and black hearts that work against one another. What is happening? Corona pandemics, would say many but this isn’t the only thing that is happening. The total decay of society we live in and it is not the result of any pandemics. The empire of unlimited people power is falling down, and it is experiencing the blackout. The Corona virus didn’t change our reality, it has shown us what we are instead of who we are used to be.

The beast has been born when the first Covid19 patient died. That terrible beast isn’t mysterious bug but human mind that is twisted, under pressure and negativity. I always think of our grandparents and their grandparents who have stuck together in the worst times, when the bombs have greeted their days and nights, when the rare candies have been shared among kids like the last present on the Earth. Their sunrises were scared, while sunsets were bloody. The war was the alphabet of reality they knew but in spite of all unanswered questions about future, they embraced and comforted each other’s, and they promised to be better humans, after all. Our Corona world doesn’t know for compassion and mutual care. The only available feeling is aggression due to the damaged plans, schedules and ideas. Nobody is thinking about somebody and everybody is targeted with Covid19, even those who don’t believe in virus or take it as a complete joke. I ask those who laugh about masks and preventive measures if they would laugh so loud if they lost someone from their own family? Do we need only to lose something or someone to get the gift for empathy? The lack of compassion is the root of our problems in this world because people act and react only when they experience themselves, unfortunately.

You complain about canceled travel because of pandemics but have you ever thought that there are some people whose life has been cancelled due to virus? You are not happy with mask and I understand you but ask yourself if you don’t wear that invisible mask for years? Maybe you live in that manner longer than you think. The social distancing started before we have ever known for Covid19. How? With all social media and its pressure on our expectations and perceptions. For many of people, being active on social network is more important than sitting with friends or family and even enjoying some good live conversation. The Corona virus has just made all those borders visible and confirmed how deep we are drown in antisocializing. I don’t blame virus for anything. Only and always, I blame people for being too selfish, too egoistic and to cold. Even now, when everything is somehow cancelled, humanity shouldn’t be ever canceled and forgotten. It may be that you are not able to hug your beloved one or to travel and be relaxed but it is the biggest wisdom you can take from this Covid year: nothing should be taken for granted. All those funny moments, carefree thoughts and plans, all dreams on your own boulevard of fame….they aren’t gone, they are just postponed and you are just here now to learn to have more time for people and not for material things. You are just here to learn that wearing a mask protect your body from microbes, but your soul should be opened for empathy and positive energy. You are just here to learn that life could be also interesting if you don’t always travel or hang our but find time to develop your inside world. This year is more significant than you have ever thought because it gives a chance to be a kind that is human and not only humankind. We have a big chance to change our patterns of life and to save our future and the future of our children.

How we will do it? Corona won’t last forever but the compassion should be there forever. Corona wont influence your life forever but you should influence this world with good vibes and good deeds as long as you are on the Earth. Corona wont win but the human common sense and emotions must win. The people with and under masks are your bothers and sisters and not enemy. We are all in this together. Me, you, everyone else….we need to learn as much as we can from each others and to apply all lessons on the greatest project ever: saving our Planet, our wildlife and our common fellows from being gone in the wind, from being forgotten, from being done as the race that has never understood the meaning of real life.

The mask is just a temporary solution and pandemic will be ended. Nothing last forever but foundation that we should and must rebuild now shouldn’t have timeframe, we need them to start being kind again and maybe is virus there to show us what we really miss in our lives, in our world full of judgements.



  1. Sarah’s poignant and definitive article reminded me of the cyclical reality of pathogens…

    For example, The Plague of Athens (430-426 BCE) was typhoid fever that resulted in the eradication of 30% of the total population, but the sheer virulence of the infectious disease prevented it from spreading further afield (i.e. it killed hosts at a more rapid rate than spreading).

    In 2006, molecular microbiologists at The University of Athens analysed dental remains from mass graves of the ancient period in Athens and learned that the pathogen was similar to the bacteria Salmonella typhi (i.e. passed through contaminated food and drinking water: prevalent in places where the washing of hands was less frequent).

    The greatest enemy of humanity is the absence of universal logic among humans…


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