“Strength is what we can gain from the madness we survive.”


I am not any kind of modern guru that practices yoga and offers interesting mantras to the people. I am not guru at all but I am one of the people who need more that gurus of our age can give. What could that be ? I need simple formula for happiness as you do, too. As everyone else does. Why is then so difficult to find it? It is almost like El Dorado story, the never ending golden fever. You can find easier gold as happiness but still nobody is teaching us how to make conditions and to grow up our own seed of happiness. We are constantly  trying to take someone’s else version of happiness and convince ourselves it is ours and we match with it. Personally, I believe it is the ticket to the displeasure and depression because each of us it authentic and original so is the happiness too.

What about sadness, lethargy and depression ? They could be also unique but this year they have been all merged into one name that have changed the global reality: Covid-19 pandemics. The microbe coloured the whole wold into the darkness, taking joy from us and giving as emptiness. It may be that we deserve that all, after years of exploitation of the Earth and abuse of the Mother Nature and its precious wildlife. The Virus X is arrived at the moment  when everyone has been busy planning life but not really living. The stealth enemy has shown us that our human race intelligence is not so high when it comes to the balance in the universe. We have been gifted to destroy and we have forgotten to create and protect the Planet we live on. The Corona virus is not so powerful like many other well  known deadly germs but its power is remarkable and persistent. It comes silently to our loud world and has turned all of us into speechless, voiceless and hopeless. Enough about secret weapons of the Nature, perfect modus operandi for cultivating mad people, reducing its number and allow the Earth to recover itself without pressure of parasites.  This year is almost like a cancelled but, as one said, it is one of the most important years ever. Why? Because it should teach us lessons, bring us back to our iconic human values of compassion and love and show us the way to be again Earth guardians, as we have been at the beginning of the tale.

The pandemics has touched the life each of us, modified individual, national and international levels of perception. Suddenly, the policy is broken, the greed is public, the tragedy is worldwide. The death has no conditions, it takes nothing or everything. No gambling. No negotiations. No future. No hope. So it looks like 2020. Black and white, with no rainbows.  The life we used to have is like frozen chapter in some of cheap post apocalyptic movies. We live but we don’t live, like we wait to get our of the bubble we are captured and continue there where everything has been stopped. It is all because of that virus. The bloody microbe cancelled our flights, disabled our adventures, stopped the weddings or careers, delivering the death protocols, without any mercy. It kills young and old, white and black, rich and poor, healthy and sick. All lives matter for Corona and all deaths.

The people on the streets walk with masks, keeping physical, social and mental  distancing. They want to live but their eyes are without any glow. The faceless creatures with abyss that is killing them from inside, long time before Covid-19 has been born. This depression is not the outcome of this year, it is the outcome of many years accomulated when we have been living instant life and trying to cheat ourselves with busy agendas. The virus brings us back in arena, to deal with old fears and new risks. The demons are awaken. We should keep distance to people but we have kept it for decades. The family and friendships have been continually destroyed in last 20 years. Everything is fast and instant and even if it is not broken, it is eliminated. The people want always more and if that means they will lose personal credibility for obtaining material luxury, they will ride. The Corona virus is making all that naked now, showing our raw souls, real intentions and thoughts. No pink curtains for bad reality.  Maybe it could finally make homo sapiens aware of the lost paradise: empathy. Sometimes the storms cleans the roads.

Now, when we have mentioned  the changed circumstances, we can also open the sweet box of optimism and positive energy. Remember my words, no matter what, there is always sunshine and it will find you. How? Simply because you wont stay forever in the basement, feeding yourself with negative vibes and because you will allow yourself to catch the hope and the new light of tomorrow.

I will start with media as the main source of anger, frustration and depression. Since we don’t have serious informative channels, I suggest that any consumption of news should be limited and selected. What I mean ? You can read and watch all but keep in mind that usually spectacular cover pages and titles are typical feature of tabloids that need to be sold. As always, just a profit that is made on scandals, black articles and pessimism. We have learnt that nothing sell so good the news as negative narration. If you read about death, you are happy because you are still alive. The dark scenarios have been always attractive to people so, in other words, those lines bring money. Don’t be manipulated and just a one number in statistic that believes in all that is served. Every severe study requires longer research and wont come up and rush to say that this is end of the world and that we will all die due to the Corona virus  and lack of vaccine.  However, tabloids will hurry up to take your attention, feed you with negativity and make you sick before virus has even a chance to come close to you.  So, consumption of media should be realistic, limited and analysed. If it is too demanding, you can always make fun and compare the news, political options and interests behind and you will conclude that the problem of the world is  more public dishonest and less Covid-19 itself.

People are depressed and lost because they can’t travel, visit each others or lead the life they used to live. Let me ask you all know the following: did you forget the horror that our grandparents survived through the worldwide wars ? They didn’t have normal food, they have been hidden in the basements for months, trying to stay healthy in the spirit. You know that those people created new world, new positions, new perspectives …..have been never really broken but just temporary busy to survive the war as they successfully did.  It could be that they remained mentally strong because there was no internet, social media and wannabe journalists that investigate about dark end of the world. They survived because they learnt to trust each other, to help each others and to support each others, not because of some interests but because of all hearts that beat as one. The community. The power of unity. We are so poor nowadays but also something that we can fix, if we accept that it need to be fixed.

The life is wonderful. We wake up every morning with a chance to make the best moments of our life. We are the lucky one. We should be more thankful. We should be more emotional and community oriented. If you can help, do it. You don’t need always to donate if you don’t have enough for yourself, but you can help offering emotional support or care. There are so many ways of being productive for our community and Planet. Do it and do not be obsessed with yourself. Your happiness will be created at the moment when you want to give more than you get. Believe me. I know it is not nice to have distracted the whole life plans because of pandemics but maybe this virus empire will bring you the great new friends, rebuilt family relations, open the book of new hobbies and activities you have never thought about. It wont last forever, nothing do.  It will be gone before you notice. You will be busy feeling happy in simple things: having great lunch with family, helping friends with movement, walking with dogs, taking care of garden or reading new book. You can practice that all even in this pandemics that will be ended soon. There are rules and you can adapt them into your life style. It is nothing lost and everything good will be found again. The life is wonderful with or without virus in it. Don’t ever let anyone to tell you opposite and to let you attract negativity. Keep your own sunshine, stronger as ever.

It shall pass soon. STAY HEALTHY!


  1. What a position article, Sarah !

    I totally concur with you as to the fact that it’s not the coronavirus that brought about this feeling of sadness or depression in the world, but it’s the fact that people had already forgotten, for years, what it was like to be human and to have feelings and not act like robots !

    Most people have practically become robots, only caring about making more money and not paying any attention to human qualities and virtues such as empathy, compassion, love, sympathy, and mercy. These virtues should be applicable to both animals and humans alike !

    Thank you so much, Sarah, for your article and for your excellent writing !


  2. Sarah’s insightful and uplifting article reminded me of the evolution of the neurological system in multicellular organisms (i.e. human emotions and thought processes derive from this)…

    Approximately, 600 million years ago, multicellular organisms began to evolve on Earth (i.e. bilateria: organisms with a nervous system). Prior to this, single cell organisms were reacting and evolving through strict chemical interactions, predominantly. Then, The Cambrian Explosion occurred (theory being sudden and dramatic increase in oxygen in the oceans) and the single cell organism began to evolve into organisms with primitive nervous systems (e.g. a worm).

    This definitive change in organic life on Earth meant that the nervous systems began to interpret extraneous information (e.g. temperature, sunlight, smell, violence) in a way that influenced how the neurons affected the brain (i.e. the origin of emotions and perceptions); although, the newly-forming multicellular organisms were still evolving through chemical reactions, just as we are, today…

    About 22 million years ago, primitive catarrhines (i.e. monkeys) in Eastern Africa were diversifying into various species (i.e. the origin of hominoids). Molecular evidence suggests that between 8 and 4 million years ago, first the gorillas and then the chimpanzees split off from the line leading to the humans. Human DNA is approximately 98.4% identical to that of chimpanzees, when comparing single nucleotide polymorphisms. Homo sapiens began to appear about 200,000 years ago.

    The human nervous system has evolved through a vast array of entities (e.g. natural disasters, biogeochemical changes, climate, diet, sexuality, tectonic movement, the magnetic field)… The nervous system is at the forefront of what our sense perceptions are exposed to (e.g. sunlight, temperature, behaviours, social and natural environments), and the information relayed to the brain stimulates emotional and linear reactions.

    Fundamentally, everything is down to personal interpretation of circumstances/reality. Something negative possesses positive attributes (e.g. pandemic lockdown allowing some ecosystems on Earth more leverage for evolution in a non-synthetic manner).


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