“If you want to lift your spirit, you have to ground your soul. Thats why your ´sole` is on the bottom of your feet. “

-Alexis Brooks


I am not sure if you are like me, passionate nature lover and  curious mind, but I am sure you will like my writing today. Why? Because it is a perfect mixture of relaxing, health issues and good vibes only. All you need for a productive, peaceful and blessed Sunday, as well as the 100% of the world’s population.

The first time I heard about earthing or grounding, I must admit I didn’t know much and I thought it was some kind of new-age surreal naturalist perspective, that I don’t like much. Every kind of extremism, in any direction, is not my thing due to the fact that I am trying to find a balance, harmony, the happy middle earth of my life. However, I discovered earthing and I decided to give a chance and to present what I have learnt and how it could be useful for all of us, no matter if we are fanatic environmentalists or urban peeps.

How we can define earthing/ grounding ? Let’s say that is a special therapeutic technique that enables us to reconnect to the earth and absorb its electrical energy. This practice originates from earthing science that is researching the potential of Earth in relation to the human health, physical and mental. The majority of this field is still under development and study, the biggest mystery but maybe the greatest health potential ever, of the complete human race:” Multi-disciplinary research has revealed that electrically conductive contact of the human body with the surface of the Earth (grounding or earthing) produces intriguing effects on physiology and health. Such effects relate to inflammation, immune responses, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Specifically, grounding an organism produces measurable differences in the concentrations of white blood cells, cytokines, and other molecules involved in the inflammatory response.Grounding reduces pain and alters the numbers of circulating neutrophils and lymphocytes, and also affects various circulating chemical factors related to inflammation.”

There is no doubt about the healing attributes of our Planet and its own ground but the question is how that reconnection works ? According to scientists, we should imagine the Earth like a gigantic battery that radiates natural energy and can charge us like our devices are grounded and provided with their electrical energy. In that way, the electrical energy makes a circle that provides a shield of harmony. When someone is grounded it doesn’t only mean that he or she is realistic and rational person but also it could mean that is electrically grounded and could experience the following feelings: being centred, solid, strong, balanced, with less of tense and stress. That further means all you need to do is to give yourself a freedom to be barefoot in touch with the Earth, your Earth and to let the bad energy goes out, in the ground, like it has never existed.  We should never forget that bad electrons, toxins and free radicals are those directly responsible for many hidden inflammation, cancer progress or auto-immune diseases.

We all know what is amazing mood after spending time in forest or deep in nature, being lost in wilderness and being again found after all. It is a magical purpose of the Nature, the greatest blessing that we can enjoy, without doing much effort. Unfortunately, many take that for granted and do not appreciate the healing nature of the Nature, but we would actually surprise how many answers about health could be found in Nature, without being injected with pharmaceuticals discoveries all the time. I can only think of Native Americans and their logical and spiritual relation with Earth. The modern world has been lost in fast track of fake values and imitation of real life. That is why we have so many diseases, health deviation and mental struggles, we have abounded the Nature as our best friend and embraced the industry and technology as the super power.

The explorers who work on the earthing science are sure that health benefits of grounding are numerous and still not all unknown in their full capacity. As one of the scientists wrote:”So when we make contact with the Earth (or Earthing conductive products) we are actually attuning ourselves to this frequency range of well-being, health, and increased capabilities.” 

There are some proven characteristics of our earthing: reducing or completely elimination of pain  or inflammation; better sleep and improving of energy; the increased production of melatonin and normalised secretion of the cortisol hormone; controlled stress and tension; better managing of mood;   improved regulation of blood viscosity, blood flow and blood sugar as well as preventive measures against osteoporosis, kidney failure, bone malfunctions and metabolic and thyroid gland deviations.

The earthing has many faces and each one could be adjusted to our own life preferences or possibilities. Some people can choose beach as the optimal place of charging, nearby ocean or sea. The  water itself has peaceful role and it has been also known as a source of positive energy. During the history, people used to sleep on the ground or to walk barefoot. Those things have been changed due to the high development and human progress but we now have a choice to pick up our own 5 minutes for reconnecting to the Earth and to borrow its energy, recovering ours. We are all almost like broken devices that need deep recharge or even fabric reseting.

Now, when we know what is earthing, we can also learn how to implement it and get the best out of it. I like the idea of barefoot. You can start in your garden, taking those majestic 15 minutes of each day for your own plugging activities. If you don’t have garden, make sure to go the the nearest woods, that aren’t under risk of the Lyme disease (Northeast United States and parts of the Midwest) and dare to reconnect yourself. This is not any ecosystem kind of mantra but scientific theory that opens a battlefield of many future medical discoveries. If you have chance, you can sleep outdoor or use water as your channel of grounding but it is indeed something you must try, if you are healthy or sick, happy or stressed, balanced or nervous, you simply need this. Everyone needs this.

Isn’t the interesting fact that animals always know when some nature disaster is on the way? They are more sensible, that is true but not only that, they are more connected with the earth and they can note the changes, vibrations and deviation. The humans lost that sensibility when they gave a power of control to the technology.

I don’t suggest here any lunatic exposing to the grounding techniques but rather the chosen own style of implementation that will be in balance with your daily schedule and daily needs of your body and mind. You can find your channel and you can find your happiness there. It wont be immediately but it doesn’t cost much to be friend with your body and your Planet. After a while, you will see that those little things are glorious for your health and mental state and that they have helped you not only to survive through the life but to live and feel the life to the fullest.



  1. Sarah’s relative and informative article reminded me of the documented origin of the ‘leisure garden’…

    Ecotherapy is not a new concept: ancient civilisations of China, Africa and Persia had versions of leisure gardens for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. Earthing or grounding was practiced by ancient philosophers and physicians in China who comprehended the benefits of removing electrical insulation between a natural surface and a human being, who produces 100 Watts of electricity inert and up to 2,000 Watts during hyperactivity.

    It was an administration of the Persian king Cyrus II (c. 600-530 BCE) that designed the first urban gardens for public use: the idea being to be a place of calm and peace for people living and working in large urban areas of Babylon. More formal gardens were reserved for the elite families of Persia.

    Sunlight and its effects were an important factor of structural design in Persian gardens. Textures and shapes were chosen by architects to harness the sunlight. This benefitted people enjoying the gardens. Central Asia’s dry heat makes shade important in gardens. Trees and trellises largely feature as biotic shade and pavilions and walls were prominent in decreasing direct sunlight.

    Water was provided via a form of tunnel called a ‘qanat’ that transported water from a local aquifer. Well-like structures then connected to the qanat, enabling the drawing of water.

    The Persian garden style attempted to integrate indoors with outdoors through the connection of a surrounding garden with an inner courtyard. Designers placed architectural elements such as vaulted arches between the outer and interior areas to open up the divide between them, and people could easily access the benefits of the leisure garden…


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