“With drive and bit of talent, you can move mountains”

-Dwayne Johnson, The Rock


I like watching “The Rock Gym Workout” since I find it very useful for my motivational energy and gym drives. It is not always so easy to be highly motivated and to go to the gym, do your workout, or at least, do anything beneficial for your body. In last time, many readers come back to me with the same question: how we can find and keep our gym motivation? Since this matter  is also very important to me, the time for this article is totally right.

Being physically active is not just sport or hobby, it is one big MUST in the age of challenged health, fast food and rapid life at the end. We work so we can pay our bills and survive but we must do workout if we want to provide ourselves one qualitative existence and if we want to nurture our  own temple, the body we  live in.  Then, how we can start workout and keep being devoted, after the difficult day at work, exhausting rhythm within family routine and struggling thoughts that burden our minds ? I guess that many of us would like to know the answer so they can be able to change something and put themselves into the railway of pure discipline. There is no an easy recipe for being motivated unless you decide you have to be motivated and you must make a progress. The only way to be disciplined in gym or in any other chosen physical activity is to keep striving and taking that as something it must be done and not something it should be done. For example, we are all similar in finding excuses to not doing something but we are all so different in embracing the fire and passion to keep doing something, even we are so tired, negative or without one single molecule of determination.

Personally, I am struggling a lot to discipline myself  and to catch the dynamic.  The main problem is that I do not like my hobby to be like a Job, stressed with obligations but rather with creative energy and free will.  The creative energy is something that comes and goes and it is not something that could be controlled and put into weekly schedule but workout simply must be done, even if you feel like the last person on this Earth, your body will move and motivate your soul to be alive again. It is happening the miracle each time I push myself to be persistent and to make my thing, no matter what. It is like the breeze of fresh energy that overwhelms me and give me the new outlook, the new me. I remember that one friend of mine, professional bodybuilder, has advised me that even the bad workout is better as doing none. Why? Because that bad workout is there to wake up your body and your mind and to give you some kind of launching for the future actions. Maybe today is not your day and that is completely accepted but you shouldn’t allow yourself to stay on the floor, empty and lost. You need to get up again, to find strength even if you are the weakest and to strike again. That is the beauty of training because it doesn’t only shape our body but our personality and mental power. You are learning to be strong not only outside but inside too. If the life kicked you once, you get up and kick the life twice as much. The magic of sport is teaching us to never give up, to never let surrender to find place in our life and in our hearts.

Have you read the story about Sylvester Stallone dusty road to the succes ? This man hasn’t been born with golden spoon in the mouth but with burning heart that didn’t play according to the common rules. He fought hard to get to Hollywood and his ambitions made him homeless but our Rocky has never given up. One night, according to his biography, he watched a Mohammed Ali boxing match and he was inspired to write the legendary Rocky. The script has been done in less than a day but the real obstacles started when he tried to sell his piece of writing to the glorious studios. The scenario itself was awesome but the big bosses of California didn’t want Stallone to be the main lead in the movie.  They wanted the movie but not him in the movie. On the other side, he knew that this is the only ticket to his success. After many ultimate negotiations, the studios gave him $ 35,000 for the script and accepted his role. The Hollywood industry, back in that time, invested about one million dollars in the movie but movie itself took 225 million, be nominated for severals Oscars and turned Sylvester Stallone into the global star from despaired  street boy. What is the main lesson ? No surrender. This means we can’t give up on our dreams and we can’t give up on being devoted to our healthy life and healthy lifestyle. If it is easy, everyone would do it but it isn’t. It is a challenge and only the real people and warriors will accept it and turn it into the victory. The workout is a part of successful life, the discipline of body and mind too. Whoever learns how to be disciplined in sport will manage to be disciplined in chasing own dreams. It is connected, the both are important chapters of happy living in the world that lives on counting.

Make your own weekly plan for workout and do not give up on following it. Turn it into your big must and as soon as the outcome is visible, you will be happier, motivated and driven to run for another goals and in another fields. The discipline is a precondition for making dreams come true. If we learn it now and here, we will apply it in all areas of our life and we will learn how to be happy within and with ourselves.





  1. Sarah’s inspirational and informative article reminded me of the inceptive years of the ancient gymnasium in Greece: effectively, the gymnasium (the word means ‘school of naked exercise’) was a training facility for competitors in public games, but it was infused with intellectual aspects, also (e.g. philosophy, literature and art). For the elite families of the ancient Greeks, physical education was considered as important as scholastic knowledge/learning.

    Unfortunately, the gymnasiums of the ancient Greeks excluded females and most workers, whose manual labours were exercise enough, anyway. Ancient Grecian girls were not allowed to attend the gymnasium and were educated at home. Though, callisthenics were later extended to Grecian girls.

    However, the ancient Romans had a different perception of girls/women: the Roman legions had conquered many civilisations and some of these had female warriors (e.g. Scythia). Therefore, the gladiatorial schools of Rome had special training programmes for gladiatrices, as well. They came from North Africa, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe, and had the average ages of between 17 and 40. They were athletic, healthy and focused upon the body as a weapon.

    In 200 CE, the Roman emperor Septimius Severus banned gladiatrices, because he wanted a more so traditional Greek school of athletics for them.

    Many centuries would pass before governments would allow and accept the right of girls/women to exercise in public and participate in competitions of sports. Even in the early years of the modern Olympics, women were not well represented. Consequently, a rival Women’s Olympics was held.

    Women participated for the first time at the 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris, with the inclusion of women’s events in lawn tennis and golf. Women’s athletics and gymnastics debuted at the 1928 Summer Olympics Games. At the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France, in 1924, there were only 11 women participants out of the total 258 competitors. In fact, there was only 2 events for women: the women’s figure skating and mixed pairs.

    In some countries, women still struggle for the right to exercise in public and participate in sporting competitions (e.g. Saudi Arabia, which only permitted women to participate in the Olympics in 2012).


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