“If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows.”

-Lord Louis Mountbatten




There is no peace there where decision makers think about war. It is not anymore about protection of national or even international security, it is all about manipulative and orchestrated policy that must be fed with power and fear at the same time. The current international politics is everything but not rational and logical. Instead of diplomatic solutions, we are witnessing the rise of threaten, that go to the limits of the whole humankind. The geostrategic players change their public statements but they do not change their interests to rule the chosen regions and resources. It is almost like a kind of Gladiator Fight but we are not sure who is the gladiator is and who is the lion and what is the most important, on whom we should stand by.


Political rulers that try all the time to turn themselves into the iconic figures of our times have marked the world we live in. The bigger is country they represent, the greater is their madness, greed and absence of rational behavior in political arenas. They do not know how to start and how to finish their battles but they are qualified in shaping the conditions for war. I see the global policy through the eyes of JRR Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings. That is not an epic fantasy but a carefully wrapped political analysis of what has cursed this world since its beginning. The Guardian came out with one interesting observation:” The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings aren’t fantasies because they feature dragons, elves and talking trees. They’re fantasies because they mythologise human history, ignoring the brutality and oppression that were part and parcel of a world ruled by men with swords. But we shouldn’t be surprised that the wish to return to a more conservative society, one where people knew their place is so popular. It’s the same myth that conservative political parties such as Ukip have always played on: the myth of a better world that has been lost, but can be reclaimed by turning back the clock.” As we can understand, Tolkien wanted to bring more rules into the disordered reality. However, his heroes and the challenges they face up with, remind us on the international policy and its scary dragons that send the fire into the sleepy, peaceful cities. It is very thoughtful to follow the line of power in the Tolkien world of fairy tales. All those mythological creatures are glorious only because they have some kind of power. Elves are immortal and beautiful, humans are kings, warriors, the dwarfs are good miners, and hobbits are small, cute but irrelevant. The wizards make wonders while the egoism and greed rule the majority.


Larry Kummer in his article about Foreign policy wrote: We too live in Middle Earth, a nation with great and powerful wizards who can accomplish deeds beyond the imagination of lesser folks.  Celebrities who live out their hedonistic fantasies, unrestrained by our laws and moral codes.  Politicians to whom we give our hearts — such as Obama, Ron Paul.  Wealthy businessnessmen who rape our economy, operating above our laws.These people own our government.  Charities are determined by their priorities.  Their hired hands write our laws, pass judgement in our courts.  Their police suppress protests.  The great Wall Street banks are engines shaping society to their design.  The news media tell their narrative explaining events.”


The global tragedy is more political than economical since the politics is a force that forms the complete economical fluctuations. You can’t focus on economy without being influenced by political circumstances. That is exactly what the global players are doing. They are comparing their incomes and outcomes, searching for a profitable point. In the case of burning Middle Earth (Middle East), they are driven by desires to be the sand emperors, the oil kings without crowns. Only those who step into the fertile ground of natural resources will be those who build the new economic castle and class. The focus of gladiator fight is maybe on Syria but the whole region is damned by ring that rules them all.


If we just look on Trump and Putin, it is obvious that they are both made from the same material, heart of steel that goes into the flame of pride. They both compete to keep their homelands on the position of eagle, as never ending hunters. The problem is whom they hunt and how they hunt. Their actual crash is not from today but as it is predestinated that Russia and America must be the opposite sides, even in the case of common enemy, Islamic terrorism. That is such a kind of ancient genetic mode, as it is not possible for them to be cooperative on the international level or at least they pretend they are. President Trump is trying to play smart since he is having the domestic political troubles and coming Congress elections in November. He has to convince his own, divided folk that he is no a Russian rain man but stable leader that protects American national interests overseas. He is in a fever to make something spectacular, something that will enable him the place next to presidents that Americans are proud of. The Russian ruler is oligarch with hard-core political energy. He won’t be happy to leave his playing floor without celebration. What does it mean? It means the age of tensions on the global scene with constant micro and macro conflicts that will not have mercy for neutral policy. It is to be expected that the most powerful EU states will give support to the US political modus operandi on the Middle East. This is because they have silent diplomatic tensions with Russia regarding the human rights and operational cover of the Assad´s regime in Syria. The USA is interested to empower its military strength after the passive period leaded by Obama Administration. Among first interest’s zones is definitely Islamic Republic of Iran. The mentioned ayatollah land is an enemy of America for a longer period. Americans have a specific way of dealing with their enemies, through the elegant and invisible participations of government takeovers. Iran is a stubborn country, inspired by the hatred for Israel and moved by Shi’ite Islam. Its role in Syrian horror could be also seen as the gladiator fight, against lions of Christianity, Judaism and Sunni Islam.


If Trump attacks Russia, it is sure that Putin won’t stay calm and hesitate from activating own powerful weapons arsenal. The question is what will happen next. From Arab Spring to proxy wars, Middle earth conflict is all but not predictable and takes many sides into the pond of blood. UK, France and Germany must also pick their fronts, in spite of fact that they have imported the huge amount of Muslim immigrants with their own agendas. The liberal brainwashed immigration policy will costs Europe too much and that is exactly what brought the line of disagreement with conservative established Trump´s America.


Something that started as a local incident in the desert´s dust has turned into the oriental massacre helped by global rulers that are dreaming of pushing the red button and sending the whole Planet into the inferno. Tolkien knew that small people have no chance to survive in the big crisis but still Frodo was the one who destroyed the evil ring and brought the light back. It is always a hope and all we need is one, simple Frodo that will be indifferent on power and greedy to catch the final peace for all.



  1. Sarah’s imperative and highly relative article brought to mind the fact that Homo sapiens are self-destructive, fundamentally: it is inevitable that they are a doomed species; for logic and common sense are anathema to Commerce and all that is dedicated to it (e.g. Wall Street).

    Basically, Homo sapiens have encaged themselves in a perpetual world war since ancient times; just that the violence becomes more extensive and obvious, from time to time (e.g. Roman imperial expansion wars, the Mongol invasions and World War I). The absence of logic drives the elite leaders ever deeper into the abyss of self-destruction…

    The earliest recorded evidence of war belongs to a Mesolithic Age cemetery (Nile Valley, northern Sudan), which has been determined to be c. 14,000 years old: about 45% of the documented skeletons there display signs of violent death from combat. Since the emergence of the political state some 5,000 years ago, military activity has occurred over much of the world… One historian claims ‘that 14,500 wars have taken place between 3500 BCE and the early-21st century; resulting in 3.5 billion deaths, and leaving only 300 years of relative world peace’.

    Concerning murder, The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2017 that a person is murdered every 45 seconds, somewhere in the world; mostly, occurring in Brazil, Nigeria and The United States of America.

    Sarah refers to ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in her article, and it is no coincidence that Professor J.R.R. Tolkien named ‘Mordor’ thus, because he was a professor of Anglo-Saxon, and the etymology of ‘Mordor’ derives from the Anglo-Saxon noun ‘morðor’ (i.e. mortal sin/murder).

    In an archaeological context, the oldest known case of murder dates to some 430,000 years ago: in 2015, archaeologists in The Atapuerca Mountains of northern Spain came across a skeleton whose skull possesses definitive injuries caused by a face-to-face encounter. The Book of Genesis (i.e. Abel & Cain) is a much more recent reference to murder.

    One of the oldest-known prohibitions against murder appears in the Sumerian Code of Ur-Nammu written sometime between 2100 and 2050 BCE. The code states ‘If a man commits a murder, that man must be executed’.

    As Mohandas K. Gandhi exclaimed ‘An eye for an eye making the whole world blind…’


  2. What a profound article, Sarah ! Excellent writing and deep thinking !

    Yes, I totally concur with you regarding greed and selfishness as some of the worst traits of human beings ! I equally concur with you as to the two main leaders, their personalities, and their misplaced egos !

    In fact, both leaders are playing with fire and are unaware that they may trigger a Third World War, thus unleashing a cataclysmic event !

    This is so remindful of your article “Silent Hill: The humans were here” ! Our world is definitely headed in that direction and down the path of destruction ! This time, however, it may be the last, as this would be the point of no return !

    What a shame that “humans” have learned neither from their own mistakes nor from history ! This time, with nuclear weapons, there will be no chance for survival for anyone, as the nuclear effect would continue to propagate in all directions and for a long time !

    It’s time humanity changed its trajectory and very quickly before it’s too late ! Time is running out !

    One good thing, however, would come out of this: This would declare the end of suffering for all Animals who have been slaughtered, butchered, and killed at the hands of evil “humans” !

    Thank you, Sarah, for this wake-up call for everyone !


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