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“Suleiman (Solomon) did not disbelieve, but the devils disbelieved teaching men magic” (The Holy Qur’an: 2:102)

No matter how the advanced is society and how progressive is the common mind of the human race, the ancient hunger for the unknown things to be explained by the primitive forces is still there. Modern world has no time for  the backward thinking box, but all religions and all people can not live without being vacuumed by the old believes, fears and fairy tales.


It is enough to see how difficult was for contemporary religions to separate themselves for the frame of magic they have been born in. Yes, they all started as silent cults and during the time, they developed into the recognized beliefs.Nevertheless, that tiny element of supernatural senses mixed with the cavemen logic of existence colors each of religions we are witnessing today. The God has never managed to convince people that wizards and witches are not so dangerous as his own will.

black magic in islam

Islam, as the youngest monotheistic religion, has escaped from the traps that have haunted another older religions. The dimension of magic, the dangerous universe of dark magic that keep religion always concerned. While the Christianity has been almost obsessed with  demons, witches and strange magic that control people and their lives, Islam has shaped clearly the place of dark magic within the religion itself. There is no place for sihr among Allah’s followers. Whoever believes in Allah and His Prophet, must be aware of the enemies that challenge the belief. They could be infidels that teach about magic or invisible jinns that confront Allah. They could be also  noble fortune tellers that reveal us the hidden secrets from our future. They could be everything but if they do not present the God’s messages and do not follow the line of Islamic faith, they must be condemned and considered as Sheitan players. The main key question is who is able to know the future except the God? Only those who make a deal with jinns and try to fool those who believe in light. In this context, it is important to understand the Prophet Muhammad thought regarding this:

“If I had the knowledge of the unseen, I should have secured abundance for myself, and no evil would have touched me” (The Holy Qur’an:7:188).

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Even the God’s Prophet has not been aware of the future events and even he hasn’t been gifted to see the future through the Allah’s rainbow of messages. The Creator of the unseen and unspoken things is always Allah Almighty and everyone else who is offering the same is just a  Devil’s plot and must be condemned as deceptive.

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The Islam comes with the warning that people must make differences between miracles and magic. Miracles are always useful while magic is always harmful. All God’s Messengers have been granted with the gifts to make miracles but the opponents  accused Solomon that he wanted more than he was allowed so he practiced magic. That has never been proved because each of God’s Prophets has been performing amazing miracles. Just to remind that Moses could have divided the sea, Abraham was flung in the middle of huge fire, Jesus Christ could have healed the blind and bring back the dead to life. That was their mission but that hasn’t been magic or even dark magic. That was a God’s gift but some people that has no God’s gift try to find Devil’s gift on the menu of religions.


The deeds of miracles are permanent while the effects of magic are only current and after some time, they turn into something we did not expect or hope for. Even the Prophet Muhammad has been exposed to the dark magic and that is why the defense from the dark magic is very seriously taken in Islam and by Muslims.


It is recommended to all believers in Islam that they could be immune from magic if they recite after the five daily prayers the last three chapters of the Noble Qur’an: under the numbers 112, 113 and 114.  The people of Allah are also encouraged to always seek refuge within the core of the belief and to recite the verse of the Throne to be additionally protected:“Whoever recites verse 255 of the Surah of al-Baqarah (No2) before going to bed, Allah sends him a keeper that protects him against the devils until he wakes up.” The ordinary believer has some kind of mantra to follow and to keep himself or herself in the bubble against the evil forces or it just looks like that, according to Islam.


The magic practitioners, illusionist, astrologists and other categories of so called future readers are deeply forbidden and considered as the sihr or the sign of polytheism. Their presence in the modern ages is explained by the lack of real believes and the growing of fear from the unknown . The crisis has increased the level of illusionists that try to profit on the naive population that has been moved from the circle of religious innocent deception into the aggressive and negative influence of magic or even dark magic.


It is very thrilling to see how the Islam responds on the pressure from the rule of magic within the Islamic system. That is not something forgivable and it attracts punishment when it is detected. Sometimes, the death penalty for deceptive people of world of magic is all what Shari’ah Law could come up with or simply the best solution what we all need in the world of constant lies and evil.

Black magic

Islam and Allah has no mercy for dark magic and that is why the prevention of dark magic influence is considered as more important than just a curing prayer. But, Islam has a set of measures to apply on the one targeted by black magic. The black magic in Islam is often understood as witchcraft or the effect of evil eye. The answer on this is riqyah, which is some form of islamic exorcism. The adequate response depends on the level of the influence of sihr. When it goes so deep, the healing therapy must be intensive and must take the elements of the  contemporary Islamic alternative medicine al-Tibb al-Nabawi or the Medicine of Prophet, and as it is stated in Holy Qur’an:“There is a remedy for every malady, and when the remedy is applied to the disease it cures it with the permission of Allah, the Exalted and Glorious.” 

The rise of black magic followers and teachers doesn’t show us the influence of Devil but the absence of God in the people’s hearts. The difficult times unveil the real believers so their missions and dreams too. If they are tempted and they fail, the God has never really made to get them as his children. When there is a person that hold on pure logic or simply hold on the God’s light, there is no dark magic that will destroy that or cause the disorders. People can do the most beautiful things and so the worst things ever and that doesn’t come from the Gods or Devils but from our nature, so fragile to be manipulated.

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Islam has found the right strategy against the trash of magic and has no understanding for the modern new age expression of the religion consumers.That could be radical or extreme but that is the only way that we must adopt during our journey through the life of all temptations and deceptions. The profit and bad intentions must be revealed and amputated from the religious practice so the all malign side effects will be also defeated. Black magic is just a simple answer on the people’s despair, the proof that God has no time to handle all.


  1. So, I was told I carry a Jinn on my back- not one I have made a deal with nor causes me harm but one that somehow keeps good from staying with me. Like some shield that blocks away health and healing. I don’t know if this is real but have had several people tell me this. I would never share this on LinkedIn but this piece impacts me greatly.


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  2. Thank you, Sarah, for such a magical, yet interesting and enlightening article. Black Magic or Sihr (سِحر) is an act of evil, done out of selfishness to harm and hurt the others. It is aimed to corrupt the five essentials of the society, people’s belief, the people themselves, their wealth, their families, and their minds. Since those who practice Black Magic are deceptive, liars, and they live on the misery of others, Islam has no mercy for them, and never being radical or extreme in eliminating such destructive practice to protect the society. Without such measures, the society would go corrupt and people would live in misery.


  3. Sarah’s brilliant and illuminating article brought to mind two remarkable individuals: the first is Harry Houdini (1874-1926); the Hungarian-North American illusionist who devoted himself to exposing clairvoyants, etc., who exploited the sorrows and grief of people for material gain.

    In the 1920s, Harry Houdini turned his energies towards debunking psychics and mediums; a pursuit that inspired and was followed by latter-day stage magicians. His training in optical illusions allowed him to expose frauds who had successfully fooled many scientists and academics. He was a member of The Scientific American Committee that offered a cash prize to any medium who could successfully demonstrate supernatural abilities. None of them were able to do so, and the prize was never collected. Harry Houdini took to attending séances in disguise; accompanied by a reporter and police officer.

    Harry Houdini was born into the Jewish faith, but he became a secular Jew himself, and he never associated or connected his professional skills with his religious convictions: he did not perceive magic or myth in the Old Testament scriptures, but discerned the Judaic Biblical narratives as mere guides for social behaviour (e.g. Thou Shalt Not Kill). Therefore, his efforts in exposing charlatans (e.g. necromancers) was never about promoting Judaism as a superior religious faith, but about he himself (i.e. as a Humanist) wishing to be an ethical person.

    He not only denounced Theosophists and Christian clairvoyants, but Jewish ones, also: Erik Jan Hanussen (1889-1933) was an Austrian Jewish publicist, charlatan and clairvoyant. He was an acclaimed hypnotist, mentalist, occultist and astrologer. Harry Houdini never met him, but he denounced him as a fraud, nonetheless. During the 1920s, Erik Jan Hanussen rose to fame through his stage performances of ‘mind reading’ and hypnosis: quite soon, he was being sponsored by the elite of German society; which led him to the inner circle of Der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (i.e. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the NSDAP of Herr Adolf Hitler). Erik Jan Hanussen taught Herr Hitler his crowd control techniques of using gestures and dramatic pauses, for example.

    The other person Sarah’s provocative article brought to mind is Salman Rushdie: the novel entitled The Satanic Verses (1988), by Salman Rushdie, was inspired by the life of Muhammad, partially. As with his previous books, Salman Rushdie used magical realism and relied upon contemporary events and people to create his characters. The title refers to the satanic verses (i.e. a group of Quranic verses that allow intercessory prayers to be made to three Pagan Meccan goddesses: Allāt, Uzza and Manāt). The part of the story that deals with ‘the satanic verses’ was based upon accounts from the renowned Muslim historians al-Waqidi (747-823 CE) and al-Tabari (839-923 CE).

    The Satanic Verses provoked intense controversy among the hierarchies of Islam for what some Muslim elites believed were blasphemous references. Salman Rushdie was accused of misusing freedom of speech. As the controversy spread across the Muslim world, the import of the book was banned in India and it was burned in demonstrations in The United Kingdom. In mid-1989, following a violent riot against the book in Pakistan, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, then Supreme Leader of Iran and a Shi’a Muslim scholar, issued a fatwa calling on all Muslims to murder Salman Rushdie and his publishers, or to point him out to those who can kill him if they cannot themselves.

    Though the British Conservative government under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher gave Salman Rushdie round-the-clock police protection, many politicians on both sides were hostile to the author: British Labour MP Keith Vaz led a march through Leicester shortly after he was elected in 1989 calling for the book to be banned, while Conservative MP Norman Tebbit, the party’s former chairman, called Salman Rushdie an ‘outstanding villain’ whose ‘public life has been a record of despicable acts of betrayal of his upbringing, religion, adopted home and nationality’.

    Meanwhile, The Commission for Racial Equality in Britain and a Liberal think tank, the Policy Studies Institute, held seminars on The Rushdie Affair. They invited Shabbir Akhtar, a Cambridge University philosophy graduate who called for ‘a negotiated compromise’, which ‘would protect Muslim sensibilities against gratuitous provocation’. The journalist and author Andy McSmith wrote at the time “We are witnessing, I fear, the birth of a new and dangerously illiberal Liberal orthodoxy designed to accommodate Dr Akhtar and his fundamentalist friends”.

    Journalist Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) staunchly defended Salman Rushdie and urged critics to condemn the violence of the fatwa, instead of blaming the novel or the author. Christopher Hitchens understood the fatwa to be the opening shot in a cultural war on freedom; which it was: the elite rulers in Iran perceived such freedom of expression as a direct threat to their political control over the people and natural resources of Iran. These Islamic hierarchies employed the pretext of ‘blasphemous writings’ for their own individual purposes of self-preservation, because several well-known and respected Muslim academics supported Salman Rushdie’s political right to Freedom of Expression (a right that is referred to and admired in the Qu’ran itself).

    With police protection, Salman Rushdie escaped direct physical harm, but others associated with his novel have suffered violent attacks: Hitoshi Igarashi, his Japanese translator, was stabbed to death, in 1991. In the same year, Ettore Capriolo, the Italian translator, was seriously injured in a stabbing in Milan. William Nygaard, the publisher in Norway, was shot three times (he survived) in an attempted assassination in Oslo, in 1993. Also in that year, Aziz Nesin, the Turkish translator, was possibly the intended target in the events that led to The Sivas Massacre in Sivas, Turkey; which resulted in 37 deaths.

    In 2016, PEN America reported that the bounty for the Salman Rushdie fatwa was raised by US$600,000. Senior Iranian media moguls contributed this sum; adding to the existing US$2.8m already offered. In response to this, The Swedish Academy, which awards The Nobel Prize for Literature, denounced the death sentence and called it ‘a serious violation of free speech’. This was the first time they had commented on the issue since publication.

    As Sarah’s excellent article concludes, those who proselytize so-called ‘Dark Arts’ across the world for material gain prey upon the vulnerable; just as extremists of any Monotheistic faith do (e.g. Christians, Muslims and Jews)… All it comes down to one simple issue: to live life on Earth through logic and common sense, or to jeopardize everyone and everything for an ideology that does not tolerate constructive criticism (e.g. Capitalism, Monotheism and Scientology).

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  4. Thank you, Sarah, for such an excellent article !

    Your article is closely related to some of your prior articles, namely, your articles about Medieval Alchemy, and the Ouija board ! In the former article, some scientists used their knowledge of chemistry to influence people, and in the latter, people believed they could get in touch with the dead through a “board”!

    In all cases, such wizardry is unfounded and illogical. It always comes down to some evil people preying on feeble-minded people for profit ! What a shame !

    Such wizardry and black magic can and shall be defeated, as they are not invincible, as long as we stay focused and vigilant !

    What an intriguing and interesting article, Sarah ! I have grown addicted to your articles and your writing style !

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