“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
― Mahatma  Gandhi

There are so many human beings on this Earth but there are no so many  of them are human. It seems that humanity is lost but once a while, we find it somewhere, somehow and we keep it as a secret treasure, trying to make it being an universal law, for all.

The story about Zoran Boskovic is one of those we would like to teach our children about. This man is definitely one of great reminders how individual with big heart and strong determination can actually change the cruel tectonic forces in society and system and make it gravitate into positive way.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia  41 years ago, Zoran has been always fascinated by nature and animals. His compassion for 4 legged friends was something he never abounded in spite of people who abounded their own pets. His professional background was found in electronics field but he was also being active in fitness area and voluntary activities. His never ending will to help to all animals involved him as a devoted activist into many pets rescue actions in Serbia and in regular volunteering in local dog shelters. For years back, the young man has helped the Serbian animal welfare organizational efforts not only physically through the standard activism but also socially and financially. After he faced up with the hard situation in Balkans regarding the stray dogs and those who take care of them, he decided to make his own campaign and to invest all he can to make progress and to bring attention to the bad position of stray dogs and groups which are addressing this issue without official help. The idea for his mission was to ride 1,400 long tour by bicycle, from Serbia via Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro. For this demanding journey, he was training a lot and intensively for 6 months and in July this year he started his ride for lives. He was riding more than 200 km per one day and he was sleeping in his tent but after 7 days he reached the final destination with donated amount of money in about 10,000 RSD or not even 100,00 EUR. The brave sporty man doesn’t give up and believes this is just a beginning of the local and global battle for  the stray dogs.


How did you decide to start this amazing campaign? What was the biggest motive?

The first motive was to show how is bad position of stray dogs in Balkans region. As the campaign was going, I got the invitation from two EU countries (Italy and Croatia) to come and visit their shelters so the whole action was about to compare the situation with stray dogs in  the surroundings and in some countries of the EU.

After 1,400 passed km, what are your impressions?

The impressions are great but very sad regarding the situation with stray dogs in Balkans but generally in the EU. It seems everywhere is the same and it depends on small group of people who work alone without any official help and they even face up with problems because of their humanity.

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What is the main problem with the lack of adequate politics towards stray dogs issue in Balkans?

The problem is a human factor because people dont look on the stray dogs like on the emotional living beings. Generally, people do have problems with anyone or anything who or what they can not have benefits from. 


You traveled through  4 countries and where are the abounded dogs in the worst situation?

I traveled through 5 countries and everywhere is the same situation

Are you planning some new campaigns with the same goal?

Yes I do but it is just a plan for now so I will not talk about it yet. 

Dogs are men’s best friends. How do you feel every time you help to some of them?

They are, definitely and I feel every time like I got the gift of pure and unconditional love.

You are a hero of Serbian big and compassionate heart. You are known as one of rescuers during the floods in Serbian town Obrenovac back in 2014, do you see yourself as one voice for voiceless?

Yes, I rescued during the floods. I believe that people without voice are people without life.Unfortunately, many people are that way and I feel sorry for them  because they are in system of wrong values . I dont see myself like their voice because I am in some another life story but I would like to inspire some of them so they can change their lives for better. 

What kind of pets do you have personally?

Personally, I have 3 dogs and about 26 of them who I help.

Tell us the best way people from Serbia and abroad could help and donate money for abounded animals.

The best way is to help directly to those dogs on the streets but if that is not possible or demanding, they can donate on the following account:

Komercijalna Banka-Beograd:4313 7455 0055 9459 Zoran Bošković

Banca Intesa:160-5100102276283-86 Zoran Bošković



Zoran Bošković could be found on Facebook for further contact since his humanity is something Serbia is very proud of. The young man is showing to the whole world that one man with great heart can change the destiny of many innocent animals and offering them chance to live.

Humanity today is very rare and it is always hidden behind some interests but people like Zoran make us believe again in the generosity and compassion, move us to do something or at least let us hoping that our future generations will have good examples to hear about, new urban legends about  One Man On Bicycle Who Drove All Days and Nights To Save Many Abounded Dogs.






  1. His effort is definitely recommendable as a contribution to the practice and more important to the ‘human factor” perception.


  2. He is a Saint! Very touching story. At the same time I just don’t understand the fact that there are many irresponsible pet owners abandoning the best friends of mankind…


  3. Thank you so much, Sarah, for this heart-warming story ! It’s so nice and comforting to know that people like Zoran Boškovič still exist in our world!

    It is thanks to people like him that those stray dogs, and other animals, are rescued and given a home where they can have a good life !

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank him for his efforts, courage, and good deeds !

    I also thank you, Sarah, for your diligent and detailed report covering this story !


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